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    My first is Tam Lin by Fairport Convention. It’s folk rock, and along with country and western, polkas, and a few others, it’s generally a genre of music I can do without, with a few exceptions. In country, I’ll listen to Shania Twain because her voice is so crystal clear that listening to it is like licking honey off a spoon. In folk rock, this is one of the few exceptions, in part because of Sandy Denny’s voice and the tale told in this ballad of a boy (an elf in some versions of the legends) who has been enchanted (subjected to a chant or spell) that keeps him in the thrall of the enchantress, a faerie queen. Janet, a human daughter of a nobleman, wanders into Carterhaugh, the territory of Tam Lin, in defiance of her father. There she plucks a rose and returns home pregnant. The rest of the tale involves her committing to Tam Lin, showing her love by rescuing him from the spell.

    What I love about this version (there are many others done as song or poetry) is the gorgeous archaic uses of language like “and ask no leave of thee” (I won’t ask for your permission), “as fast as go can she” (a Yoda-like construction with an obvious meaning), and many others. I’ll insert the lyrics after the audio-only video.

    TAM LIN (lyrics)

    I forbid you maidens all that wear gold in your hair
    To travel to Carterhaugh for young Tam Lin is there

    None that go by Carterhaugh but they leave him a pledge
    Either their mantles of green or else their maidenhead

    Janet tied her kirtle green a bit above her knee
    And she’s gone to Carterhaugh as fast as go can she

    She’d not pulled a double rose, a rose but only two
    When up then came young Tam Lin, says “Lady, pull no more”

    “And why come you to Carterhaugh without command from me?”
    “I’ll come and go”, young Janet said, “and ask no leave of thee”

    Janet tied her kirtle green a bit above her knee
    And she’s gone to her father as fast as go can she

    Well, up then spoke her father dear and he spoke meek and mild
    “Oh, and alas, Janet,” he said, “I think you go with child”

    “Well, if that be so,” Janet said, “myself shall bear the blame
    There’s not a knight in all your hall shall get the baby’s name”

    For if my love were an earthly knight as he is an elfin grey
    I’d not change my own true love for any knight you have”

    Janet tied her kirtle green a bit above her knee
    And she’s gone to Carterhaugh as fast as go can she

    “Oh, tell to me, Tam Lin,” she said, “why came you here to dwell?”
    “The Queen of Faeries caught me when from my horse I fell

    And at the end of seven years she pays a tithe to Hell
    I so fair and full of flesh and feared it be myself

    But tonight is Hallowe’en and the faerie folk ride
    Those that would their true love win at Miles Cross they must bide

    First let past the horses black and then let past the brown
    Quickly run to the white steed and pull the rider down

    For I’ll ride on the white steed, the nearest to the town
    For I was an earthly knight, they give me that renown

    Oh, they will turn me in your arms to a newt or a snake
    But hold me tight and fear not, I am your baby’s father

    And they will turn me in your arms into a lion bold
    But hold me tight and fear not and you will love your child

    And they will turn me in your arms into a naked knight
    But cloak me in your mantle and keep me out of sight”

    In the middle of the night she heard the bridle ring
    She heeded what he did say and young Tam Lin did win

    Then up spoke the Faerie Queen, an angry queen was she
    “Woe betide her ill-fought face, an ill death may she die”

    “Oh, had I known, Tam Lin,” she said, “what this night I did see
    I’d have looked him in the eyes and turned him to a tree”


    I have been a fan of Rory Gallagher for most of my life. I heard of him and Pink Floyd in the same week when I was 9 (and a half)! Never grow tired of either. This song reminds me of times spent with old friends, some now deceased. I also think it is just a class song.


    Packed my things in an overnight bag
    A toothbrush and guitar, got no tail to drag
    Gonna leave, on the next passing breeze

    My heart is heavy, as a sky full of rain
    Mind full of notions, that I just can’t explain
    The reasons why, just can’t be supplied

    Trapped by a heartache, and freed by my will
    Sentenced to wander, so much time to kill
    Hear my plea, and rescue me

    Packed my sorrows in an overnight bag
    But I’ll be gone much longer than that
    Who knows when, we’ll meet again?

    Too many sleepless nights, put my soul on edge
    And so many restless moods, lay heavy in my head

    Too many sleepless nights, put my soul on edge
    And so many restless moods, lay heavy in my head

    Wrote down my thoughts, and I sealed them in hope
    Sent them to you in a blue envelope
    Not received, it seems to me

    I had some things that I wanted to say
    But my chance, well it just blew away
    On the breeze, like some mystery….

    Bet you listen to the next one too…:-)


    This is how its done.



    I do love Joe B and have seen him more than a few times. When these two came around one night with their subliminal female communication and unparalleled chops, the stage was left in burning embers.


    Jody Lee


    Nive !!! I think KONGOS are like industrial polka band or something. 😉 Enjoyed that !

    While waiting for a hurricane I like a bit of 90s psuedopunk




    Those are all great tunes.

    I mentioned that despite not having much love for country and western, I do like Shania Twain for the crystal clarity of her voice. She created what has become, I suspect, the #1 song heard in post-wedding celebrations, because it’s about complete and total commitment. I think you’ll also find that she’s pretty easy on the eyes as well.


    Simon Paynton

    This is a great favourite of a friend of mine, and into the bargain, illustrates the patriarchal nature of the Church.


    Simon Paynton

    This is one of my favourites of all time:


    I like the Kongos too. Great drum beat. You may like these guys.


    Jody Lee

    Oh yeah, I love Clutch and My Bloody Valentine. @robert Shania Twain is hot as hell in that video. She’s Canadian, like my all time favorite singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell. @simon…I don’t know about Lil Debbie…She reminds me of Iggy Azalea, who I’m not impressed with.  When it comes to female rap, Nicki Minaj is my go to. (Dat ass tho) 😊

    I love most genres of music, from bluegrass to rap. (Not a new country music fan)

    Here’s one that is always easy on the ears.



    Simon Paynton

    @JodyLee – I think that Kongos song is kind of intense and scary – I like that in music.  This is my favourite “pretty tune”.

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    @simonkind of intense and scary – I like that in music.

    I was telling people about this (excellent video) at 1500 views…….Lyrics a mix of English and Afrikaans.

    Below is a track from one of the best dance bands of the 90’s. Turn the volume up to 11 first.


    Simon Paynton

    Leftfield are grrrrreat, and I love Die Antwoord’s “Enter the ninja“.

    This is also a sadly underrated classic.


    Something completely different?

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