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    The GOP is relentless to destroy Obamacare. If they do the things they are threatening to do I will not have medical insurance. Thankfully McCain delayed the inevitable a little while longer…


    tom sarbeck


    I said it before on TA and everyone told me I was crazy…..we are headed for WW3.

    They were wrong; you weren’t crazy. We are always headed for WW3 AND we are always headed for peace. We will reach one of them.


    I only mentioned Obamacare as a diversionary tactic to my comments on North Korea. I may be too cynical but it seems that any time Trump does not get his way in Congress he has an “Oh look over there” moment to divert attention. It was good to see that “McCain was not Abel” to give a thumbs up.



    @Reg. Oh dear



    I can only speak for myself in that it hasn’t diverted my attention – I have known for a while that if they pass what they are trying to pass I will lose my health coverage….

    But I can always leave the country….lol

    If war breaks out the way it seems to me like it’s going to soon – that (to me) is a much bigger threat….

    I would not be surprised if NK made a strike at our “breadbasket”….Cali would not be hard to hit and their testing efforts hint at that.





    Sorry Strega (not!!) but I blame Mini-Me for that as Seth out in this link.




    I’m betting that Kim will do the only thing he can do to stay in power, which is merely a repeat of the regime’s previous history: Pretend to back down, to get big money or other gain (e.g. food?) from outside of NK.

    …which kicks the can down the road again, but maybe Trump’s unpredictability will enable more success in  dealmaking. In any case, there’s going to be a lot more attention paid to solve this “problem”. I think eventually Kim will lose his grip. Even if NK leadership just acts like Kim’s zombies, they’re still human and “survivers”.

    Call me optimistic, but I’m betting against your prediction… even though you were right about the election. (You got lucky! Very few people saw the Trump/Bannon/Mercer/etc conspiracy coming. Did you know e.g. about Bannon and Mercer before the election?)


    tom sarbeck

    Of course we are getting closer, Belle; we are homo sapiens.
    No one promised us eternal domination.



    Yep I thought it would be 6 months…I’m now betting less than 3….

    And I unfortunately live right where NK would strike. Great. Trump can’t WAIT to hit that red button.



    RE: Call me optimistic, but I’m betting against your prediction… even though you were right about the election. (You got lucky

    I predicted way more accurately than you probably realize. I predicted not only that if Trump won the nomination he would win the presidency. But I predicted extactly HOW….

    I predict that in 3 months or less we will be at full blown war with NK and I predict that Trump will be the first to strike.


    I hope I’m wrong this time!!!!



    So Belle how do you distinguish between the predictions you made that were god-given and the predictions you made in which you are claiming credit?

    In the god-gets-credit you seemed to indicate it was improbable and therefore arranged by god. How else could you know what was about to happen? But Trump was improbable also and you  knew so perhaps it follows that Trump is the entity’s choice.

    And if god arranges matters in the lives of individuals like you  it stands to reason that it happens on the grand stage also. Not that i wish to cast aspersions or asparagus on the machinations of the entity.  Do you?


    Cant help but point out that intervention in human affairs for the almighty, all-powerful entity exhibits  a rather capricious insouciance in acting on some occasions and failing to act on others; a malevolence which is on a scale that would embarrass the greatest psychopaths among us.







    I don’t remember ever making any claim as to any of my predictions being “God-given” ….I’m not sure if you were on TA but most of my moats made about Donald Trump winning the Presidency and HOW he would do it….were made while I still considered myself to be an atheist.

    And no where on this thread did I say or even imply that “God told me X is going to happen.”

    Just wait and see if I’m right.



    Belle the only difference between the two is that one is announced and the other is kept close to the vest. PREDICTION: synonyms: forecast, prophecy, prognosis, prognostication, augury;

    Am not denying that you do not characterize the predictions about Trump as being god-given.  I am asserting that you have no rational basis to distinguish what you have predicted that has come true as either god-given or your own.

    And i did not claim it was on this thread you said: ‘God told me X is going to happen.”

    Your words follow:

    I distinctly remember an intuition on the plane to my hometown that Christmas that I was GOING to find them. I didn’t know how but I remember a very vivid feeling of it that I could NOT shake……

    Now the SAME FUCKING THING happened with my biological grandmother!!!!! That same “voice” told me the same thing: “It’s time.”…..

    But to me – that voice…..wasn’t me….it was ALL outside of my control. That was God. And no one can ever convince me otherwise. You can’t put that in a test tube and graph it on a pie chart. Sorry.

    So you did say god spoke to you.  And now i hope you understand that you have no rational basis to distinguish god’s voice from your own and also the implications of your belief as to the nature of the deity.

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