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    My government (fed, state and local) somehow consider weed a crime, yet meat and booze is ok everyday. It all seems so arbitrary at times. The organizational behavior of humans under any system seems beyond prediction except for one caveat .. follow the money.



    Indeed. Inconsistency in government policy is pretty universal. Even when it comes to a countries most important and cherished principles. For example: Washington D.C. is extremely unlikely to reach statehood despite having a larger population than Wyoming or Vermont and contributing more tax dollars than more than half the other states. It is a HUGE violation of “no taxation without representation” which is one of a fundamental arguments for independence from the UK and an argument against disenfranchisement. Half a million people effectively have no vote for the presidency nor senate nor constitutional change.

    The same goes for the EU. Peaceful coexistence and resolving cultural conflicts are amongst the most important pillars of EU policy. And yet Cyprus was admitted to the EU despite the population rejecting a referendum that would have united them (the Greek side) with the Turkish side. Despite the Turkish side voting in favor of several compromises, the Greek side (which was admitted to the EU) rejected it. Instead of insisting Cyprus work out their problem with the Turkish side, they went ahead and admitted Cyprus, because for the Commission…expanding the EU and admitting multiple countries in the same year, was more important than a small conflict on a tiny Island. Brexit people bitch about how non-democratic the EU is (which is a massive lie) while in my opinion this is one of the biggest failures in EU history (along with their non-action when Crimea was annexed).

    Trump, meanwhile, would disassemble the Statue of Liberty, melt it down and use the proceeds to build a wall, or more likely give the profits to his rich friends as tax-cuts. Fortunately not even the invincible Trump could pull that off. He has been the ultimate political hypocrite.


    Glen D


    Meat and booze. Bread  and circuses. Although I think our circus is the inane triviality of   TV, to which I’m addicted.

    For many years, I have expected the future to be more like ‘A Brave New World’  than ‘1984’. Might be wrong.

    .Trump? A Nero who fiddles while Rome burns?. In our case Rome may be a civil war in the US, or simply the catastrophe of climate change, which has already begun.

    However, I no longer dismiss Trump as simply a fool. At best, he’s a dangerous fool. At worst a fascist tyrant in the the making.






    I typoed. It’s supposed to be “unready to give up…’ LOL

    Thank you for suggesting that. I realized fairly soon after posting that the Portlandia scene wasn’t about the vegetarians of whom you were referring; so I was just posting a favorite scene (of mine), somewhat related.

    I don’t really know which Portland memes are empirically based, nor have I looked in particular into any known percentage of veganism there. But I think the editor (and/or managing editor) of this scene did an awesome job.

    A side issue, albeit focusing directly on this thread’s purportedly intended topic. Does anyone know if The Bible mentions anything about chickens as part of a suitable diet? Leviticus, perhaps? Or, are chickens mentioned in the US Constitution, and would Trump care if they were?

    Reg, could you pose any of my questions to your butcher this week? (OTOH Talmudic responses could also probably work just as well for me.)


    Reg, could you pose any of my questions to your butcher this week?

    I usually refer such theological conundrums to the OMG Fronkey. No, not Oh My God but rather Organically Modified Genetics.

    He is a perspicacious and sagacious Biblical scholar who is outstanding in his own field. (The other animals avoid him as he stinks).

    He did say that chicken is OK to eat. But he quantified it when I mentioned the layout of the butchers shop and the vast variety of vittles’ and viands he was vending to his various visitors.

    According to “The Book” not all fowl is fair. Some fowl is foul and forbidden but chicken comes under fowl that is not foul. Swine is verboten or as OMG explained, don’t dig the pig. Wabbit is also off the menu even though it looks and tastes like chicken.

    The problem is having the foul food and the fowl that is not foul all on display on the same cold shelf.

    What if the wabbit rubbed up against a chicken’s leg and not in a fun way? Then fair is foul and fowl is no longer fair and now all the fare is for the cauldron of contamination.

    So the questions to my butcher will be as follows:

    If Christians are not permitted to eat wabbits (Lev 11:5 and Deut 14:7) then why did their God ask Noah to put 2 of them into the Ark?

    Why do you sell meat that is forbidden in the OT alongside meat that is permitted given that you are a Christian?

    Why do you wear an apron that is made from two different fabrics?

    As OMG wandered back to his empty field I thought I saw a puddycat could hear him signing Back Door Man by The Doors…

    You men eat your dinner, eat your pork and beans
    I eat more chicken than any man ever seen, yeah, yeah…

    As the wabbit said, Lettuce Prey.



    Lil’ Benjamin Franklin (Benjie)  would like to thank YWHE and Noah personally.



    Hasenpfeffer. One of my favorites!





    And all of this in a thread about Trump becoming a dictator. LOL



    I know, that is what I LOVE about atheistzone. I would prefer to dine on YOUR disgusting liver because your brain is obviously made of cat litter. But dam, so many Asians will be picking meat off the feline ribcage tonight. They hang them up for display. Truth be told, we can only reasonably care for our own pets, and in my case this includes air conditioning for a goddam rabbit. Geezus fuckin kriest.



    I’m no topic Nazi. Real conversations wander.


    tom sarbeck

    @ivy, re “I think we had [a democracy]. But not since 2016.

    A few people making laws (w/ or w/o many breaking laws) has always been oligarchy.

    Further, with SCOTUS saying money is speech, the USA is a plutocratic oligarchy.





    That woman from the Mayo clinic is clearly being paid by big pharma and Monstanto. Her anti-vegan attack and smear-propaganda is designed to scare ethical and virtuous animal lovers from being their vurtious and ethical selves. Creating this vitamin B12 and Iron boogeyman, they aim to instill fear in the hearts of virtuous non-meat eaters and that they stray from the ethical path. Vegan diets offer perfect nutrition with no deficiencies and this diet acts as a natural vaccine against all diseases and can even cure cancer. This woman may be well meaning though probably not, but she is participating in something evil. Her videos should be banned on youtube and meat should be outlawed. I think those who profit from animal torture should be imprisoned for life. A diet of quinoa and beans is something beautiful and we cannot let animal haters like her destroy our noble and ethical plan to save the earth.


    tom sarbeck

    To vegans:

    1. When you pick, i.e. an apple, does the tree or the apple feel pain?

    2. When you bite into a freshly-picked, i.e. apple, does it feel pain?

    Your evidence, please.




    Actually I’ve read that apples are a lot more intelligent than we once thought. Not only are they aware of their environment but the even communicate with one another through the releasing of gasses and the transmission of Iron and Vitamin B12 through the tree sap. They also aren’t as stupid as a lot of people think. They are capable of doing many kinds of tricks including sit, roll over and beg on command. Scientists have all confirmed this as absolutely true but they haven’t found the slightest sign of pain receptors. So while picking an apple is certainly murder…it doesn’t cause pain (except for its brothers and sisters who will miss it).

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