Three things humanists accept (that all people should)

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    1. The universe doesn’t give a shit about you or your suffering

    Yes. The universe doesn’t give a shit because it cannot give a shit. It’s a four dimensional container and all the content that’s part of it. The fact that we suffer and the universe doesn’t care…isn’t any reason to make-up fantastical origins and beings and explanations of our suffering. There’s no meaning to suffering. It’s an inherent part of the evolution of life on Earth. We were born in a hostile universe that not only could not care less about life…but cannot care about anything. Humans usually do care about one another and that is a major strength that strong and kind societies have to lean on if we could chip away at human misery.

    2. We are going to die and that’s all folks.

    There is no good reason to believe that our consciousness or so called “soul” or “chi” or “blah” will continue after brain death. We are lego pieces that will fall apart, the blocks don’t have a memory and will not join back up together as you were. There’snothing more to you than those lego blocks and those blocks have limited sticking power. Your existence is over and you death had no meaning and the universe doesn’t care. You do however survive…in the footprints you left on Earth. Physical marks and your influence on others and their memories. Focusing on leaving footprints rather than some fantasy of the thereafter, is another strength. Leaving leave memorable footprints and not waiting idly by for paradise (or the underground torture chamber).

    3. Humans are utterly banana-heads

    We evolved to live in small clusters of people in the Savannah with tons of space, enough resources to more or less get by and sporadic contact with other people, encounters that did not usually elevate to mortal violence where human bonding and mating was little controlled. We are not equipped to deal with the intricacies of civilization and the more density and resources that accrue, the more lunacy comes out of us. Most of us cannot face the cold truth about the universe, cannot accept death and cannot accept that the banana-head people around them are actually banana-heads. It is dangerous to believe that we aren’t banana-heads deep inside. Knowing these three things helps you write out principles to working past our inherent flaws while living in a civilization. Making up fantasies doesn’t help. Accepting these things and understanding our world and human nature it does.

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    Hey Davis & everyone at ThinkAtheist….Ahemmm….Atheistzone… greetings….

    Checked off all three!

    Especially love “The Universe doesn’t give a rats ass about you”, cause it’s so true. Let’s tell the people living on some planet near the super massive black hole in the center of our galaxy how the universe feels about them. Cause with all the cosmic shit out there if this is all there is (what movie did I see this phrasing in?) “What a waste of space”.



    Let’s tell the people living on some planet near the super massive black hole in the center of our galaxy how the universe feels about them.

    Hahahaha. Yes, I’m sure if sentient life ever made it near a giant black hole, they’d be so pummeled with radiation I would imagine life would be rather terribly uncomfortably awkwardly frightful.

    What a waste of space

    The universe is one ginormous potential cosmic real-estate market and what does the bloody universe do…jam us all on one tiny rock a gazillion kilometers from the nearest remotely habitable place. Talk about a really bad landlord!

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