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Sunday School 12th June 2022

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    I first heard mention of Von Mises when I worked for an economic research group in the London Business School for 2 years as the Berlin Wall fell and towards the end of the Thatcher era in the 90’s and Desert Strom. It was an interesting time to be extrapolating economic data! While I would not agree with all of his ideas, I do agree with the free-market economic model but I also lean towards socialist ideas that can benefit a society, especially a successful capitalist one. The greater good should never be measured in dollars. But what interested me most were his ideas on what later became known as Behavioral Economics. Understanding how much of a ‘rational actor’ people actually are when making monetary ‘choices’, a debate that can often lead to one on freewill. I had moved him to the background until I read the article posted above. I was not so aware of his lack of interest in getting a free lunch from god 🙂




    Pop-Up Video Factoid:

    In 1998,,Paul Pope wrote a DC Comics ElseworldsSeries one-shot comic called: The Berlin Batman.

    It was about a 1930s Jewish tycoon and Cubist painter named Baruch Wane, whose parents were murdered by Anti-Semites who vowed war against tbe criminals who did it as well as all evil-doers.

    In this comic, Barucb Wane and his female companion Robin don their Bat-Costumes and rescue the works of Ludwig Von Mises from the bonfires of the Nazis.

    The Berlin Batman–Wikipedia

    And speaking of Von Mises and Batman Comics and segueway-ing into Multiverses, there is a rational explanation for Multiverses.

    Basically, Multiverses aren’t a real thing, they are just a literary device for reconciling the paradoxes and contradictions that inevitably arise when fallible human comic writers craft and build onto a storyline that runs for years and even decades.

    The Berlin Batman mentioned above is one example of a character from a DC Comic Multiverse, as is the Batman who is a Catholic or Episcopalian according to the page and the more recent Batman who came out as an Atheist:

    The Religious Affiliation of Batman/Bruce Wayne

    And for a final segueway from Bat-Beings into the Woo surrounding garlic, I can attest that garlic indeed does work to a limited extent for blood pressure.

    Not only does garlic repel those stress-causing Undead Evil Batamorphs called Vampires (Hey! You haven’t seen any lately, have you?) but garlic also repels living human stress-causers as well! 😎 🧄 😱

    The only shortcoming of garlic is that it only works in person. Across the distance of Cyberspace, not so much.😁

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