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Sunday School 20th June 2021

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    People who identify as “very religious” tend to also believe conspiracy theories and falsehoods.

    Apparently, the Antichrist will not be powerful enough to conquer the world unless the lesbian wing of the military helps out. Tony Perkins offers advice on surviving the rainbow onslaught. He should just take a holiday.

    One viewpoint of the Fulton v. City of Philadelphia court case. Are all people equal under the law now so?

    Atheist Ireland has made a submission about Freedom of Thought to the United Nations.

    In Canada, a residential school survivor calls on The Cuddly One to apologise for church’s role in abuse against Indigenous children.

    Heather is just like so inspirational to me when our frequencies are aligned. It’s all so quantumly connected like when you think about it, you know, like in the organic spiritual sense.

    World of Woo: Chiropractors and Doctors with actual medical qualifications are not of equal status.

    Environment: The Western US mega drought.

    Most atheists oppose the death penalty.

    What constitutes a flourishing human life?

    Darwin may have got sexual selection backwards, research suggests. Humans are evolving faster than ever and the reason is not genetic. Ancient genomes offer rare glimpse of Neanderthal family groups.

    Is the Universe open-ended?

    Why ideology should not be injected into science. A bipartisan bill aimed to help the U.S. “compete” with China would only slow down scientific progress.

    Long Reads: Atheists show more love to their neighbors than Christians do.

    This week I will order this book: The World according to Physics. (see final video below).

    Some photographs taken last week.  Pride in Poland.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: Atheists Handbook to the Old Testament. TED – How to have constructive conversations. The World according to Physics.


    Have a great week!!



    Thanks, Reg!


    Simon Paynton

    What constitutes a flourishing human life?

    The argument of the author, Hrishikesh Joshi, that flourishing lies in human reasoning, and that speaking our minds allows for greater reasoning, and therefore flourishing – is neat.  But I don’t buy the angle that flourishing lies (only) in greater reasoning abilities.  If anything, if human flourishing is about actualisation of potential, then it lies in greater abilities in whatever field we value.  This could be: being a mountain climber, or a DJ, or anything.



    Just because it’s Sunday School day:



    I think Saturn is really the perfect proof of the flying spaghetti monster. Not only is Saturn in the shape of a meatball but it is surrounded by millions of strands of pasta in the shape of rings (the holy spirit of the infinite grace of the FSM). I mean what…do meatball shaped planets and pasta rings just naturally form all by themselves?

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