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Sunday School 21th November 2021

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    Humanists International release the 2021 Freedom of Thought Report.

    Secularism defined: a tale of two courts.

    Theocrats will use the Flynn effect to weed out those that are not true Christians.

    A Catholic sex trafficker and child abuser gets a life sentence, like many of his victims.

    ‘It’s being abused by an entire belief system’: a haunting film on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

    A Christian has decided to follow the words of her Jesus and to love her neighbors. It is my sincerely held belief that many Christians have little or no concern for the welfare of others.

    The church has always been in the business of shame – now it wants a law to protect its nastiness.

    This is a funny rant from an apologist. OK, why not enjoy one more from a Christian hate group. This one is not funny. It is a very serious matter indeed. Catholic bishops are to decide if they will permit the President of the United States to eat human flesh and drink human blood.

    Countering the claims that being “spiritual” means being religious. But I always ask for clarity because demons also reside in the spiritual domain.

    World of Woo: 7 health myths debunked.

    Environment:  COP26 left the world with a climate to-do list.

    Steven Pinker has good reasons for promoting rationality.

    The welcome spread of assisted dying laws.

    The problems of interstellar travel. Carl Sagan was not very excited about us going to the big red dot.

    Long Reads: US women are being jailed for having miscarriages. There’s no rhythm to mass extinctions, no pattern to evolutionary recovery.

    Who was Julie Green? Who is Dr. K ?

    Sunday Book Club:  Unsettled? A book about Climate Change.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Samantha Bee: Why America is losing its religion. The Amish Atheist who rebuilt his worldview from scratch.


    Have a great week everyone! A somewhat shorter post today as I have been traveling over the last few days.



    Thanks Reg!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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