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Sunday School 4th July 2021

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    Millions skipped church during the pandemic and the good news is many will not return.

    In Singapore the young are turning away from traditional faiths.

    The Cuddly One quickly deals with the criminals in his Church……. when it involves money.

    Religion at the Supreme Court: 3 essential reads.

    There is so much that annoys me with this article that any critique of it….ooh, I won’t even go there.

    Once again, no, we don’t need any religion to be happy.

    The Satanic Temple renames the Bladensburg Peace Cross after a recent SCOTUS ruling.

    World of Woo: An attempt to make quackery seem equivalent to science-based medicine.

    Environment: Would you cut your energy use by 90%? How would people in the Florida Keys answer?

    If faith does not heal the blind, try science instead.

    Why wage a war against the people trying to save you? This anti-science fanaticism is a danger to democracy.

    What is a photon?

    Justice as fairness: gender in sports. I doubt the Equality Act will illegalize Jesus Christ.

    After years of waiting, I am still looking forward to a successful launch of the JWST this year.

    Long Reads: Pew Report on the 2020 electorate. I am just going out to walk the dog and ponder the madness of philosophers. The riddle of how humans evolved to have fathers. How postmodernism became the universal scapegoat of the era.

    All the major players spent time in the Denisovan cave.

    Hey Siri, do you think the term deus ex machina is often misunderstood?

    Sunday Book Club:  First Steps: How Upright Walking Made Us Human.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: Bending Truth – how adults get indoctrinated.  AronRa on the Mythical Man. John Oliver on Health Care sharing ministries (edit: video disabled, currently available for the following week here).


    Happy July 4th and have a great week everyone!



    Thanks Reg!!



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    Thank you for the well wishes on Independence Day!

    (And parenthetically, for many prominent supporters of U.S. Independence such as Edmond Burke, the feeling was mutual for Irish Independence.)

    Let us never forget the Founders who were not only shirkers of the world’s biggest Empire of their day, but heretic’s against the Church of that Empire as well!

    They risked their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” and brought us the first nation in the world founded upon an idea: That Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness belong to every Individual, not by favor of a King,  but by Natural Right, and that government is to be the protector and not the master of those rights!

    As with any great new creation, there were bound to be mistakes in the making, but the testament of our nation’s greatness is that we are free to acknowledge and correct those mistakes and our nation can be as great as we make it. May it always be so!




    The 90% energy consumption figure is interesting, though I am not sure if it means total national per capita expenditure or individual household consumption.

    I doubt I could currently lower my energy consumption by that much just within my household without the entire building being redesigned for better passive temperature control, and better natural lighting options (although, my apartment is good for the latter.

    I could reduce use of certain electronics (she says as she types on her laptop).

    I am sure more gains could be made with better appliances (water heater, stove, fridge), but all told, I think this is still not even hitting 50% reductions.

    I use about 7.9kwh/ day. If I lived with someone, the consumption between us would probably drop considerably per person, but still not more than 50% each.

    But when I look at my broader footprint, I don’t know if household consumption is the biggest issue. Our economy is geared toward consumption. A considerable amount of it could probably just be eliminated without even really stripping away much of the luxury we enjoy. But some things in the pace of life would likely have to slow down a lot, and we’d have to voluntarily step back from a number of industries that are revenue drivers, but require unsustainable consumption to continue at current rates..


    @theencogitationer – Not too often I get to see someone mention Mr. Burke 🙂 I am pondering some of his works to come up with a tattoo to match one I have by William Blake.

    Here is some info on Frederick Douglass’ trip to Ireland when he met with Daniel O’Connell.



    The how Adults get Indoctrinated led to a youtube watching spree on that guys channel (I avoid youtube watching sprees at all costs but some of his videos are extremely insightful). Highly recommended watching his channel.

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