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Sunday School 6th December 2020

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    It would take a lot to convince me that Project Blitz was not a success even though it was good to see Justice Alito reject an application from a pastor who thinks his imaginary god is above the Law. Jason “10 commandments” Rapert is ready to attempt to increase the suffering of women in Arkansas. A court in Kentucky rules that COVID is not going to stop the religious indoctrination of children.

    Cholera visited Scotland in 1853 and the local clergy proposed “prayer and fasting” as the best solution to get their god to change his plans. This of course would lower their resistance to disease. They were advised against this and told to go on a cleansing spree and stay at home. They did and many lives were saved. In 2020, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is calling on everyone in the State to defeat COVID through “prayer and fasting”. I am somewhat familiar with Lincoln County in Alabama where the mayor is waiting on the Holy Spirit to tell him when wearing masks will be necessary.

    Action is taken against a Catholic diocese for failing to protect minors from sexual abuse by clergy.

    The Serbian Orthodox Church and COVID.

    A Pastafarian guide to Trumpian voter fraud myth.

    This weeks’ Woo: COVID vaccines will not alter your DNA.

    Climate Crisis:  Changes in the Arctic Ocean.

    Neutrinos from a fusion reaction in the Sun have been definitively observed. This could explain how something, rather than nothing, exists.

    It’s not necessarily deluded to feel in control when you’re not.

    A new insight into the evolution of modern birds.

    Time flow and the second law of thermodynamics.

    Google’s Deepmind using AI to help advance medical science.

    Orbits explained: It’s hard to get into space — but great once you’re there.

    Long Reads: Journey of discovery with Jocelyn Bell. Not all debates are worth having. Sanna Marin: The feminist PM leading a coalition of women. The social life of forests.

    This week I will read this book: Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain.

    Some photographs taken last week and a few wildlife photos too.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  How science caught up with Einstein’s prediction of gravitational waves. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.


    Have a great week everyone!

    I was under time constraints this week so a bit late today.



    Thanks, Reg!



    Love the Pastafarian reference and especially this quote:

    “But try laughing at these myths. Life was created in a garden by an ‘omnipotent’ god who got so tired he had to rest on the seventh day. Or that people were created from different body parts of a god. Or that a man parted the sea for his people to pass. Or that a prophet incubated by magic, brought the dead to life and walked on water. Or that the highest religious desire of the followers of a religion that abhors idol and image worship, is to circumambulate and kiss a black stone.”


    As an ordained Minister in the Church of the FSM (I have ID, a colander and a pirate suit to prove it), I am happy to spread the word.  Praised be His Noodly Appendages!


    The “Woo” article above is very informative.




    Although the motive of purging sin and completing life cycles is a supernatural one, the debating techniques of Nyāya (reason) sounds like something that Secular Westerners can wholeheartedly embrace.

    Also, word of Nyāya could be easily be spread with a slight rewording of the great Lee Dorsey song:

    Ya Ya–Lee Dorsey

    And, hey, for Atheists, Nyāya is always better than Yah-Yah. 😁

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