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Sunday School August 26th 2018

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    A pastor in Kentucky gets bitten in the asp.

    There is a history of Christians getting things terribly wrong.

    Addicted to porn? The metadata suggests you must be influenced by religion.

    Catholic priests did not only engage in the systemic mass sexual abuse of children but they also abused nuns. Some vulgar idiots think a “gay purge” with the Church will solve the problem.

    The best little prayer rally in Texas.

    To boldly go and protect religious freedom throughout the galaxy.

    Could our concept of the finality of death be the real reason theists fear atheists?

    This weeks’ Woo:  Screen time and blue light blindness.

    Climate Change: For the first time on record the strongest Arctic sea ice breaks up.

    Here is a good site dealing with Ethics.

    Why do people believe in god(s)?

    Atheists in Arkansas offer to help the “In God we Trust” school campaign.

    Misogyny is a hate crime.

    When will religious people say “Time’s Up”?

    Those Neanderthals would have sex with just about any bipedal species!!

    The search for the origins of life on Earth.

    Do ancestry tests pose a threat to our social fabric?

    Solitary confinement is never a solution. I am sure David Hume would have agreed.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  The evidence we have that quantum theories truly represent reality. Evolution – what Darwin never knew.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    “I presented to the Virgin Mary all the victims of abuse, of whatever kind, committed by members of the Church in Ireland.

    “None of us can fail to be moved by the stories of young people who suffered abuse, were robbed of their innocence and left scarred by painful memories. This open wound challenges us to be firm and decisive in the pursuit of truth and justice.

    “I beg the lord’s forgiveness for these sins and for the scandal and betrayal felt by so many in God’s family. I ask our blessed mother to intercede for the healing of the survivors and to confirm every member of our Christian family in the resolve never again to permit these situations to occur.”

    The Cuddly One, Pope Francis, 2 hours ago, in Ireland.

    So you think talking to the mother of the Creator of the Universe who ignored the tears and pleas of thousands of children for centuries is taking action to solve the problem of violent pedophiles in your organization?

    Will you be telling your imaginary friend that these sins include child rape, sexual abuse, violent assault and murder? Why don’t you intercede and help with the healing of the survivors? You could start by accepting accountability, paying long overdue compensation, put proper child safety guidelines in place and accept that the Vatican must stop covering up these crimes against humanity and accept that it has a responsibility in doing so?





    Thanks, Reg!



    Being diagnosed with macular degeneration, I have blue light protective film on my glasses, as well as an blue light protector app on my screens.


    I would be more concerned about the loss of melanin as a risk to AMD.  Synthetic melanin lens can be added to filters in sunglasses which also helps against UV light. I am not convinced that the blue light from computers /tablets /phones is a major concern. I will be working for a day with some ophthalmologists in a few weeks’ time so I will check up on the latest as they publish a lot of papers and teach.



    Yeah, I’m doing what my eye dr. tells me right now, including the eye vitamins, & my eyes are the same this year as last year so I’ve not worsened.


    I know a doctor who regularly says that he could help a lot more people if they just followed his instructions. Glad you are not getting any worse.

    I have admitted defeat and stopped fighting the fact that my own eyesight is getting worse each year. I cannot read small print anymore without my glasses. I recently burst out laughing when I heard myself say “Where did I leave my “f***ing glasses this time” because I sounded exactly like my father. Nothing ever changes!!

    Just how people can think that the irreducible complexity of the eye is a proof for Creationism is beyond me. It is so obviously work of evolution. Oh, if they could only just see that!!




    My glasses are only off during sleep & bath. I wear tri-focals now but have developing cataracts which has been going on for years. The macular was just diagnosed 3 years ago, & I take Preservision eye vitamins twice daily, plus wear over the glasses wrap sunglasses if I go outdoors. Macular hits the female side of my family,



    The odd thing about being a skeptic is that there is no one to thank when you experience beauty, awe or enlightenment. As a theist I rarely blamed the old man if things were going badly but I would frequently thank god when things lined up.  It feels a bit empty in contrast.


    Simon Paynton

    Here is a good site dealing with Ethics.

    – unfortunately, this just confirms why I don’t listen to most traditional moral philosophy.  They should be talking about things like cooperation, fairness, empathy, targeted helping etc. and how they work – the elements of morality.  Instead, all I see is a list of silly theories and why they don’t work.  I actually feel sorry for those students who are only exposed to this kind of thing.


    I found it a rather good site, especially with the video aspect to each topic. I had never heard of the term “Ethical Fading” before and it gave me something to think about. I like the terse style of the definitions rather than the often verbose descriptions that other sites offer. This type of clarity (example, see Virtue Ethics) aids our (at least my) understanding of the subject.



    Simon Paynton

    I agree, it is a very good site.

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