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Sunday School August 2nd 2015

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    How does Bill Maher rate his chances of becoming President? Could Donald Trump be the first non-religious president?

    This week it’s Faux News reporting on another persecution complex case that seems to be spreading amongst the religious.

    All Hail Baphomet (x3) – well, at least if you live in Detroit but not if you are “SuperMonk”!

    I suppose we have all grown weary of the stories of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests but recently I am finding more stories about the depravity of Jehovah Witnesses. It is just another cult that persecutes women.

    Mormon women are not happy and are resigning over “questionable practices” while in Turkey women too want their freedom from being servants to Islamic men. The Catholic church should get a mention. Pope Cuddles (the Liberal one) is not a feminist either.

    I have regular discussions with a Jehovah Witness about Science and Cosmology and this will be our next topic. If we have time I might get a conversation going on what would it mean for his faith if we found life elsewhere in the Universe or ask him if his omnipotent god could lift a SuperVoid.

    A Christian apologist has written a comedy book just for us because Jesus is real. Maybe he should read some of the 501 reasons why his Jesus is not real.

    Is Washington D.C. sinking into the sea? Just how wet might your feet get?

    Denmark does Wind Power without being evangelical about it.

    Science works but is it in need of reform? Should we take a new approach to how Science is taught?

    Primary Ethics for school children to think about without the dogma.

    Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken this week.

    8 year old boy has a meet and greet with Jesus during his near death experience.

    Coffee Break Video: We know the answer already but Does God Exist?


    Have a great week everyone!



    THANK YOU @regthefronkeyfarmer!

    Always a highlight of my week!


    Simon Paynton

    Thanks for an excellent Sunday School as always. The Australian primary school ethics curriculum looks totally f***ing amazing. I really want to get hold of some of their stuff. I’m going to tidy up my ideas and see if they’re interested in what I’ve been doing (on past experience, probably not, but I’m still going to put it to them).


    @simon – I found it at the last moment as part of a campaign Atheist Ireland are involved in to improve the education system in Ireland. By “improving” I mean removing the stranglehold of the Catholic Church from over it.


    Simon Paynton

    I really like their Socratic questioning approach, and I could benefit from that.

    Actually, I already made some major advances (in the shower).


    I am in the process of designing a new tattoo with the psychedelic image of Socrates as the theme 🙂


    Simon Paynton

    Oh wow! Cool tattoo!



    Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!

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