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Sunday School February 11th 2018

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    A liar for Jesus resigns and even his excuses for doing so are lies while a pastor says his God is OK with the first 19 years of Larry Nassar’s child abuse.

    A Catholic apologist displays his ignorance about atheism but it is not surprising as unreality and incoherence reign at the Vatican.

    I don’t think we will be keeping holiday homes in Bay View, Michigan.

    No Star Wars fans have been found protesting outside any Church.

    Standing up to religious bullies.

    Pakistani activist pushes back against Blasphemy charges made against her.

    This weeks’ Woo:  Major Universities are supporting junk science.

    Climate Change: Day Zero approaches for Cape Town and eleven other cities.

    In Ireland a Muslim advocate of FGM has had his remarks firmly rebuked in the national press.

    How to use Critical Thinking to debunk Climate Change deniers.

    How rainforest collapse changed the course of Evolution.

    Human genes can continue to remain active for a time after clinical death.

    Fish that shuffle along the seabed use the same genes and nerves as mammals do for walking.

    What’s next for SpaceX after the launch of Falcon Heavy, assuming it’s not all just fake news? I suppose an invite to an Environmental summit is off the cards for Elon Musk?

    Will the Grid Girls start objectifying the Puritans?

    It is simply wrong that millions of Americans are as destitute as the world’s poorest people.

    What kids are really learning about slavery. The subject requires a fresh appeal as we celebrate Douglass Day.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    We pause to remember…some of the women murdered in the land of cedar trees.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Michael Nugent on how religion harms society. Are we there yet? (Or skip to 3:57!!). Are religions unfair to women? The apologists’ comments should be worth reading!


    Have a great week everyone!!



    Thanks, Reg!


    David Boots

    Good work Reg!


    You’re very welcome David – as my brother says – “Feedback – the breakfast of Champions” 🙂


    Daniel W.

    Reg, thanks for sharing some great readings!

    On Bayview Michigan requiring every owner be Christian, wow! People cant even inherit their multigeneration family home from their spouse or parent, unless they are Christian. And buyers have to prove their Christianity with a letter from a pastor. That is so wrong in so many ways.

    I was browsing the other articles from one of the links, and saw this one on
    nonmonogamy That was nice to read. It took me a lifetime to realize that having a nonmonogamous spouse did not necesarily mean a nonloving or noncommited spouse, and that openly and honestly acting on my own extramarital relationship could be so emotionally enriching. Of course growing up Baptist, there were plenty of nonmonogamous people in my church community, but it meant divorce and serial marriages.

    The photos are great! How can anyone wear those peacock costumes without falling over? The white Turkis cats are beautiful. I lived in Turkey for 18 months, and do not recall ever sering such a cat.

    Lots more to read. Have a great week.


    Daniel W.

    I read the article on slavery with great interest.  When I was growing up, all that was taught in my schools regarding slavery, was that Africans were kidnapped by white people and transported to the US and sold to Southern farmers, who horribly mistreated them until nicer Northern white people freed the slaves and fought the civil war over it.  Basically, that slavery began when white people started it, ended when white people ended it, and slave = helpless black person.

    During the past few years, I’ve been reading many materials about slavery.

    More enslaved Africans were sent to Brazil, than to the USA.

    Some Mexicans enslaved native Americans, and Cherokees enslaved African Americans.

    Certainly, ancient Hebrews, Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans enslaved people, mostly but not solely from similar ethnicities.

    Jesus and the old testament God approved and supported slavery.

    Aztecs enslaved, before appearance of white people in the Americas.

    Slavery was an ancient African custom.

    Slavery was practiced in pre-western contact China.

    Millions are held in slavery now, in the 21st century.  Ive read there are more living enslaved people now, than ever in history.

    Slavery is still considered normal, and practiced, in the African nation of Mauritania.

    None of this excuses the horrendous practice that occurred in the USA.  However, by learning about the context, the vast history, the many cultures, religious approval, and viewing slavery as a human failure, humans exploiting and humans exploited, all made acceptible in the mind of enslaver, by dehumanizing the enslaved, then maybe people can develop a more nuanced understanding.  We really need to understand what drives the universality of enslavement, and also honor those whose lives and cultures were so affected.  In the US, our special sin was white enslavement of Africans and their descendents, and we need to continue doing what we can to remedy that.  But also understand the whole disease, not just our special, and vile, example.

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    Following up on the FGM story from Ireland.  The Islamic Centre has issued a fatwa against FGM. This may not sound like a big deal to many but I think it is important. It now enables and empowers those fighting against this barbaric practice to let Muslim apologists for it know that it is wrong, that it is  “haram” and forbidden by Islamic law. It won’t fix it overnight but it is a start.



    Wow that’s pretty stunning!



    Daniel W. Your observations on slavery are astute. Being schooled in the South, the War of Northern aggression was about state’s rights. I went up against my history “teacher” at 11 years old. “Yeah, the right to own people” I said. Well Fr. Kirshner was not impressed with me. That’s right, a Southern Catholic racist school.

    Not long ago I was working with a very good engineer who happens to be Southern Baptist. He wasn’t really preachy, but somehow I mentioned how the babble is alright with slavery. His response made me pause. He said “we are all slaves, look at us, right now.” It was a miserable project with overtime galore. He was right, I thought. Sure, I can quit, but so what. My bills need paying, my stomach needs food.

    Then it dawned on me. The real slaveholder is entropy. The fight against it begins the day we are born. The Earth’s great war is chromosomes fighting the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Chromosomes are god and entropy is the devil.


    Entropy always wins, given enough time. Ginsberg’s theorem is a good way to remember the 3 laws and when debating a theist, ask them if they understand what a “closed system” means when they mention the”third law”.



    I wonder if Ginsberg’s theorem is at play in the stock market lately.


    I think in the long run shares are a good investment. An understanding of Chaos Theory is necessary if you want to play that game (and win) in the short term.

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