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Sunday School June 18th 2023

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    I have previously reported parents like that to child welfare services. Not only was the child a preacher in the making but he had bruises on his left arm that made me think the worst.  On its own it is child abuse to warp a young mind like that, never mind any physical abuse .

    I was given a warning by the police not to report it again as they had concluded that the child was fine and no crime was committed and the father said I was making it up. I told the police to fuck off as I had reported it in confidence to child welfare and it had nothing to do with them if no crime was committed.  Then I was told they did not like my attitude to which I replied “and I can’t stand yours so once again fuck off already”.  18 months later the child was taken into care as it turned out his father had beaten his wife to a pulp and she nearly died.

    I went to the cop shop to ask for a second opinion on my attitude and then I asked the child welfare staff if they would resign for being incompetent. Yeah, I have a bad attitude.




    Fortunately, this kid I encounter shows no signs of physical abuse, and I would certainly report it if he was being abused. But he does definitely need exposure to other ways of looking at the world…not to mention lessons on modulating the voice.

    I just do my little part to show him there’s a world outside his book of Grim Fairy Tales and, combined the other influences out there, it will hopefully ease him out of this behavior. Maybe Dad will get out of this mentality as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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