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Sunday School June 2nd 2019

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    The vulgarity of Christian “prosperity” preachers.

    Why politics could destroy white churches.

    Is the Australian government happy to allow discrimination against atheists?

    Another Christian pastor is caught attempting to rape children. Even Catholic nuns sexually abused children.

    There is no point having a revolution if there is no plan for the aftermath.

    In Israel it takes girl-power to help the police to clear the street of ultra-deluded males.

    The ideal of religious tolerance has many flaws.

    This weeks’ Woo: Alkaline water.

    Climate Crisis: The “demonization” of climate science.

    Do humans have a religious instinct or is “religious” the wrong word for it? Here is a research paper on “Understanding Unbelief” among atheists from around the world. Many still hold other supernatural or irrational beliefs.

    How long can humans expect to live?

    Unraveling the mystery of human bipedalism.

    Science and Religion are very different, as anyone with any ability to think critically will know just as the misreporting science is dangerous, even if we know the reasons some people fear it.

    Jeff Bezos’ plan to colonize Space is based on sheer nonsense.

    In Manitoba you can smoke weed on Good Friday but for penance Christians punish you by not allowing munchies to be sold. Is it a case of the stoned being rolled away?

    Has Mona Lisa regained her smile?

    Long Reads: Hollywood is using AI to help decide which movies to make.

    This week I am reading this book: A meaning of Life by Michael Ruse.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: TED – Lessons of living a good and happy life. The Theory of Relativity in under 4 minutes.


    Have a great week everyone!!




    Thanks Reg!


    A Catholic bishop has called for a boycott of LGBT pride events organized for June. One of the reasons given is that they are harmful for children, as if he has some moral authority on what is good for children. I am not surprised by such comments and I think most people just think “WTF” and forget about it. But this is Ireland and this time it got a different reaction. It is not the support being shown to the LGBT community that surprised me. The vast majority of people consider the LGBT community to be “mainstream”. Many of our junior schools have rainbow flags flying at the main gates. Police stations even have them on their roofs. What surprised me most is the reaction towards the Catholic Church from “everybody”.

    This is Ireland today (on a Sunday!) and the Catholic Church is no longer on the main stage. It is now a side show, a freak show and getting the last rites.  That makes me very happy.


    Gary Bergeron

    On the article: Why Politics Could Destroy White Churches.

    From the article: “If young people are the future of the church, it’s hard to see how both white Catholics and white evangelicals can effectively reach out to the younger generations when their politics become further and further polarized.”

    Young people are moving away from religion, not only because of the absurdities of religion, but because of religious politics. The quote above succinctly shines on a glaring fact: There is, or should be, a separation of church and state. The founding fathers of the Constitution of the United States knew very well that when religion and government couple, the government tends to degrade religion and at the same time, religion tends to destroy the government. They thought keeping them separate would protect both from abuse.

    How correct they were!



    Hi Gary. A complete separation of Church and State would be beneficial for both sides and in all countries too. It now seems to have corrupted both. It is difficult to keep track of the way the Evangelicals fundamentalists, having sold their souls, have influenced the current US government.

    I have reported on Project Blitz in previous Sunday Schools but check out  Blitz Watch to stay informed. The photograph reveals much.

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