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Sunday School March 29th 2020

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    Evangelicals have rebranded Project Blitz as “Freedom for All” (except atheists) and the Seven Mountain Mandate is there to bring about the return of imaginary Jesus.

    The Christian right’s hostility to science is definitely going to get people killed.

    Trump’s Bible study teacher says Coronavirus was caused by gays and environmentalists. What a creepy picture!

    The Catholic Church pays “Fixers” to cover up the sexual abuse of children. You’ll need a strong stomach to digest ABC’s documentary Revelation on the subject.

    This weeks’ Woo: A list of Coronavirus hoaxes and cures.

    Climate Crisis: Rising seas and dead trees.

    Will COVID-19 kill off the flat Earth theory once and for all? Will it do the same for anti-vaxxers? The reaction to it is like the reaction to Climate Change. Both are existential challenges. If the religious continue to congregate then they better pray for miracles as COVID-19 lessens the power of religious fantasy worldwide.

    ‘Atheism’ a straw man idea of what theists think non-believers ‘believe in’!

    There are still many shameful places around the world where women have no equality.

    Dualism is the problem, not consciousness. If all our actions are shaped by luck, are we still agents? You are the world – a dialogue on consciousness.

    Long Reads: How the pandemic will end. The Fountain of Youth and other Anti‑Aging myths. You won’t believe my morning!

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: Play the 3 minute embedded video in full screen mode. Where did viruses come from? Why do people fear the wrong things? Audio Book: The Ancestors Tale, read by Richard Dawkins.


    Have a great week everyone!

    Human beings are members of a whole,
    in creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    other members uneasy will remain.
    If you have no sympathy for human pain,
    the name of human you cannot retain.

    13th century poem by Sa’adi, a Persian-Muslim.



    Reg your poem above reminds me of this by John Donne

    No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thine own
    Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me,
    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.


    @  onyangomakagutu  – yes indeed it does. Hope you are keeping well. Been a while 🙂


    Simon Paynton

    Dualism is the problem, not consciousness.

    Ludwig Wittgenstein thought that all philosophical problems are due to nothing but conceptual confusion. As he saw it, the aim of philosophy is solely to “show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle”. I find this a deeply dispiriting view of philosophy in general.

    Is it really dispiriting?  I think it’s rather accurate – like finding a mathematical proof.

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