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Sunday School March 31st 2024

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    Unseen i was way ahead of the curve.

    As a child i endured classes in which a techer taught us we were special creation and we had to learn all of the way we were unique.

    None of the superman shit made sense to me if we posited evolution as legit. Along came Jane Goodall’s In the Shadow Man. I read it with gusto. It was particularly enlightening not only in its exposure of FACTS in terms of how aligned and similar behavior and characteristics of chimps & humans but in how scientists who made fun of Jane for being anthropomorphic were being unscientific in their assumptions.

    We are only beginning to learn about other animals and new discoveries of their depth will continue to unfold.

    Now if only i could do a Dr. Doolittle and talk to the 7 horse in the 5th and find out if he is eating up his oats and roaring to go…




    There is no contradiction in saying that humans are product of billions of years of Evolution and that humans are unique. Where the teacher got it wrong was assuming that we humans are “chosen” and “created” by a Supernatural Being to be unique.

    Steve Job had the right idea. Humans are unique because we innovate our way out of our problems.

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    All organisms are unique. You can also point out various organisms with characteristics that are either accentuated beyond other species or unique to that species. But that never happened.

    The point is a religious notion namely special creation has infiltrated the greater culture. It was pathetic that happened in a public school. (Take your religious BS and shove it up your unique ass Mary Altavesta Elemantary School in Woburn MA. where most of the other kids wandered off to catechism after school)

    To my point the bright eyed Jane was belittled by so called scientists who were decidedly unscientific in rejecting her findings not based on evidence but based on a religious notion-a sickening one at that.



    A podcast to highlight how F’d up the proponents of Islamophobia are and how the far left has become a religion.



    People abuse the word “unique.” My hair stands on end whenever I hear someone say something like “somewhat unique.” “Unique” doesn’t play well with qualifiers.


    Simon Paynton

    “Unique” doesn’t play well with qualifiers.

    I disagree, I think that something can be more or less unique, or singular: more or less the same as other things.


    I disagree, I think that something can be more or less unique…

    When I was about 14, a ‘religious indoctrination’ teacher told me that I was almost unique because I was constantly challenging everything he was saying.

    I replied by saying something or someone cannot be ‘almost unique’. Unique implies being one of a kind……like Jesus sir. The glare I got was priceless 🙂


    Simon Paynton

    But if there are, say, 3 green triangles, and 1000 orange circles, in the world, which is more unique?  Green triangles or orange circles?



    Simon. The word you’re looking for is Rare.
    Rare. Rarer. Rarest.

    You can’t have uniquer or uniquest, right?. That’s because the ‘uni’ part of the word is singular. One.

    Unicorn=one horn.  Unicycle=one wheel.

    Unique=one thing. One.

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