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Sunday School October 1st 2017

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    A campaign by Atheist Ireland for a referendum on blasphemy has been successful. Later in the week some members of the Irish government told a Catholic bishop to shut up. Most excellent!

    Debating theists: Spot the fallacious arguments in this article as a theologian gets first prize for worst argument of the week.

    This is how a good skeptic debunks a conspiracy. Job well done! Check out other links on the site too.

    Seven are arrested in Egypt for raising a rainbow flag at a concert.

    The religion of Roy Moore, probably Alabama’s next U.S. senator.

    The day atheism saved my life – A mothers’ story.

    This weeks’ Woo: Scientists attack homeopathy for the utter nonsense it is.

    Climate Change: A swerve in our consciousness is needed. It will cost the economy billions.

    What is delusional about believing angry frogs live in the sun? Could it be that religion is more like sex than school?

    Is consciousness really just a material entity that we can stimulate back to life? Maybe it will be as genetic editing or “chemical surgery” is becoming as easy as AGC.

    From ancient star maps to modern astronomy.

    While curiosity can be both painful and pleasurable, when I am on my own I am never alone.

    The future for Privacy in the age of technology where an AI god is the Way of the Future.

    Ten discoveries worthy of a Nobel Prize.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    Sleep well tonight.

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    Have a great week everyone!!

    The only freedom which deserves the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it.

    John Stuart Mills.



    Thank you for Sunday school Reg!!!



    Wow!!!! Congratulations on the referendum finally!!!!!!!!! That is really big news!!!!!



    The sleep well link is broken

    [Pope B to Reg: I fixed the link, but my phone botched the copy/paste of the rest of the post. Sorry!] [Alas, in my haste ’tis worse than feared; the url still needs undefined/ removed from it. An hour lost here!]

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    Thanks guys. Il est maintenant fixe.



    Thanks Reg!


    Michael Nugent and my friend John Hamill deserve much of the credit as do other members of Atheist Ireland. As you know I have often mentioned Blasphemy here. Here is a video that Michael gave in Paris recently, outlining the raison d’etre for Atheist Ireland.

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    You forgot the link Mr farmer;)


    Thanks Belle. I added the link to the video mentioned above.


    I will be passing through Alabama in a few weeks time but in a car, not on horseback.



    Ahhhh!!!! Don’t do that to me!



    Alabama does school a lot of engineering students and build great rocket engines. I find the folks to be very friendly. May wanna underplay the atheist thing however….


    True. I hung out with an ex-marine from Alabama for a few weeks in Malta of all places. Turned out he lived 2 miles from me back in Ireland. Many beers later…..

    Last time I was driving there we stopped for a coffee in McDonalds in Albertville. When an elderly couple in the queue heard my accent they assumed I was Scottish and wanted to know if I was there for the revival. I managed to “zip it” when they said their friends would be going over to Scotland for a Bible study seminar. I had a very civil and polite conversation with them. As I left to sit down about 6 guys in camouflage came in to join them.  “Hey pops” said one of them. I was thinking to myself “This is weird”. My brother explained that they were hunters!! I said I hoped nobody started playing a banjo! (My bad).


    Simon Paynton

    I think the Cognitive Science of Religion is very interesting and worthwhile. However, they’re aaaaallll missing the main point, which could be described as the self-maintaining and self-regenerating properties of all living things. Any living thing, biologically, takes full advantage of whatever circumstances are available.

    There is this TV programme which has just been broadcast in the UK (I haven’t watched it yet):

    “The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed – S1E2 “Survive”

    In this programme, Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken discover the everyday miracles that keep you alive.  They explore the extraordinary lengths our bodies go to in order to keep our organs working at every moment of every day.  They see how powerful reflexes keep us safe from danger and uncover the amazing mechanisms our bodies call on to repair damage.  And for the first time ever, they see exactly how our immune system’s killer cells go into battle against deadly infection.

    Really, almost everything about the human body and mind acts in this same direction.

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