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Sunday School September 18th 2022

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    Good News: A Pew Report into the future of religion in America. You can get a synopsis of the report here.

    SCOTUS hands the religious right an unexpected loss. Don’t expect it to last.

    The US Constitution is not based on the Bible.

    Harmful beliefs deserve no respect. You have rights, your beliefs do not.

    Poland must repeal ‘blasphemy law’ after pop star vindicated.

    Another young woman has died in the custody of the morality police in Iran.

    “I’m an atheist and I vote,” says proud Alabaman in Constitution Day billboard. Rhode Island has another one.

    World of Woo: The new King of Quackery.

    Environment:  Why are there still climate change deniers?

    In Science there are no universal truths, just views of the world that are yet to be shown as false.

    Homo sapiens were not the first humans and the earliest human fossils in South Africa are much older than we thought. The road to humanity was a long one, and we are still exploring its byways.

    Long Reads: The Catholic Church is bankrolling the assault on Women’s Rights.  Is fandom a cult? How to read philosophy.  The Hollow Earth hypothesis and falsifiable science.  Climate Change is having a detrimental effect on people’s mental health.  Librarians who won’t stay quiet.  This island is going trash free—by recycling all of its waste.  The Will to Fight.  Never apologize for trying to tell the Truth.

    Podcast: How SCOTUS is weaponizing religious freedom.

    Sunday Book Club:  Small Things Like These. (I have a small bet on it winning the Booker prize).

    Some photographs taken last week. Astronomy photographer of the year.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  The life-long learner. Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: From Selfish Gene to Flights of Fancy.  I hold no opprobrium towards the sesquipedalian oratory of Stephen Fry.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!!



    That Coffee Break Video:  The life-long learner was pretty damn good. I have had some pretty amazing mentors and professors along the way myself. None of them came from my pre-university Catholic education. In fact, the Catholics functioned as anti-role models for me.


    Thanks Robert, it was on my list for a while.



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    I didn’t know where else to put these stories, but since you mention the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini, I thought here is as good a place as any.

    Is this the beginning of the end for the Ayatollahs and Mullahs in Iran? We can only wait and see and hope…

    At Least 9 Killed as Iran Protests Over Woman’s Death Spread
    Clashes between Iranian security forces and protesters have killed at least nine people since the violence erupted over the weekend.
    By Associated Press
    Sept. 22, 2022

    Iranian protests taking off in 100 cities, 30 provinces, with dozens killed and widespread arrests
    Mahsa Amini died in police custody after being arrested for not wearing a face covering in public

    Though the two stories make contrary claims about the numbers, the FOX video of the protests is very impressive!

    And the U.S. News & World Report highlights to readers in the U.S. and The West about the dangers of Government running media as “public utilities’ as well as Government control of “Misinformation/Disinformation/Malinformation”. Also, this story has a real example of The Whataboutism Fallacy from Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, as well as an Ad Hominem against Westerners’ ability to walk, chew gum, and oppose police brutality equally everywhere.

    “Must wait and see” as always, but I hope this all ends with:

    One, justice for the murder of Mahsa Amini,
    Two, with the founding of a Free and Secular Iran,
    And finally, with an end to nearly a generation of a Planet held hostage to nuclear-aspiring religious terror!



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Correction: Nearly two generations counting from 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini probably aspired for a nuclear Islamic Iran before that even in his exile in France.

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