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Sunday School September 8st 2019

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    A Catholic school in Nashville is helping to turn students away from religion by banning Harry Potter books. I suppose it will also not be accepting any transfer students from Hogwarts to stop the spread of alternative magic.

    It is a good thing that people are rejecting religion when politicians reject non-believers.

    Atheist House Democrat calls it ‘unconstitutional‘ to cite God in hearing oaths.

    News coverage of Muslims is more negative than of other minority groups. Ex-Muslims are awesome without Allah.

    The Clergy Project is about to reach one thousand ex-clergy members. (Thanks again Linda :-))

    Hitchens’ quip that “If you gave Jerry Falwell an enema you could bury him in a matchbox” is still the best putdown I have ever heard. His pool boy son has been lent the ear of President Hump.

    This weeks’ Woo:  Nitrates in your food, Fluoride in your water and Junk food in your news.

    Climate Crisis: The truth about electric vehicle emissions. The Amazon does not produce 20% of the worlds’ oxygen. How did your country perform on the Climate Change Index?

    Our smallest human relative is facing extinction in Madagascar.

    Both Einstein and David Hume had no time for miracles. I wonder how they would tackle the problem of quantum gravity. If only we could go back in time to ask them their opinions.  Though if we live for a few centuries more we will figure it out. Hang on a moment! The answer to everything really is 42 except that of the charge radius of the proton.

    What if we reclassified aging as a disease and then treated the symptoms. I want to live for a few centuries more and it’s going very well so far! CRISPR will help us achieve this in the field of genetic medicine just as fire from Prometheus made us human.

    Understanding the role that magnetic fields play in the evolution of galaxies.

    Long Read: Truth is not a commodity if nobody wants it.

    Dangerous ideas are better for our minds than safe spaces are.

    This week I am reading this book: Why genetic IQ differences between ‘races’ are unlikely.

    Some photographs taken last week.  Ten of Earth’s most alien landscapes.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Richard Dawkins on ways to change the world. The Magic of Vedic Math. The fake Christian busybody show.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    “Without the gods, how would I sing?’ I asked.

    With your own voice,’ he said.”

    ― Erica Jong, Sappho’s Leap



    Thanks, Reg!



    Atheist House Democrat calls it ‘unconstitutional‘ to cite God in hearing oaths.

    You go, Jared Huffman…..Since all politicians must serve their financial masters and those very masters want the voting public to be irrational and opiated, it takes courage to stand up for non belief.




    it takes courage to stand up for non belief.

    I help defend the rights of religious minorities when they have their human rights threatened by the religious majority. Members of the Catholic majority faith (here in Ireland) are amongst some of the most ignorant and vulgar humans I have ever met. Whatever is against their faith is off the table for everyone else, Catholic or not.  It gets worse as their majority declines and they lose political power.

    Ignorant because many of them will not even listen to another point of view and vulgar because they are two-faced about their piety.

    And that is just for standing up for other theists rights.  So it certainly takes courage to stand up for non-belief. Once more atheists and secularists start filling governments seats then both non-believers and all religious sects will be better off.




    That Vedic Math video is good.



    In some countries you gain .Othi g by supporting non-believers and face consequences (even if you are a believer). It definitely takes courage.

    But Reg is right that we also ought to stand up for oppressed religious groups. For example the Uigur Muslims in China who are in concentration camps being radically brainwashed to be less religious and more like atheist Chinese people. Sometimes it seems, in fact, that the only people speaking up about this in the English speaking world…are secularists horrified by the thought control and world-view control. It isn’t a duty to speak out about it but you’re showing true authenticity if you do! Sort of like LGTB people who don’t turn a blind eye to the struggles of trans people.

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