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    There is a gold mine of many, many officially featured photos, videos, posts, members, and more at the old Think Atheist (TA) site. Thanks to Umar for keeping Think Atheist from getting deep-sixed for these past few years. Perhaps there will be enough interest (i.e. funding) one day to bring TA back into the atheist mainstream?

    It seems there’s no technical problem posting there at this time, but that could change, so don’t expect any responses or other new activity. Browsing directly to the TA home page redirects you to here, AZ, but the following links work:

    People still find a way to register as a member there, probably via some link in a search engine that I’m unaware of, but one TA registree said he found TA via Facebook. (One way to register at TA would be here, but we don’t check for registration requests often, so any new registration approvals are not approved in a timely manner.)

    Meanwhile, we keep trying to improve what we have and what we can afford here at Atheist Zone, thanks to Umar.

    As an aside, in my opinion, AZ Groups can be made to work better than they did at TA. Most notably, Group viability can be enhanced by adding one or multiple administrators; the maintenance of “sticky” topics can become especially informative to new and potential members; and forum content can be enhanced to become reference material that draws interest from outside of AZ by way of search engines (i.e. by “SEO”).

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