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    The Cuddly One (aka “The Pope”) is coming to Ireland this August to check out the Guinness but he will have to wait for it like us all. Afterwards he is going to meet with his sheeple in a big field but several people are saying “Nope to the Pope” and ordering tickets that they will not be using. This is fast becoming a major news item. On one side people are saying that if the Catholic Church can pay for the visit then they can pay the long overdue compensation for their Churches’ crimes against humanity, especially the rape and sexual abuse of hundreds of young children. On the other hand Catholics are saying it is unfair because they want to see him and that it is not a legitimate form of protest.

    You can give your opinion here at the end of this article about the Popes’  reaction to seeing Christians getting eating by lions in the Colosseum in Rome last week and you can order your tickets here should you wish to attend as it would be a terrible shame if it was not fully attended.




    Do you think it wrong of me to book tickets but not use them as it will deny some Catholics the chance to attend the meeting or would I be justified in destroying the tickets?


    Simon Paynton

    I think it would be unfair of you to do it, and it’s not a legitimate form of protest.


    I often run in the Phoenix Park and enjoy its many amenities. If, as a tax paying citizen I am not permitted to run there on the day of the visit by Jorge Bergoglio, even though I am being forced to fund his visit by my taxes, would it be a “legitimate” form of protest? If I book tickets and don’t go because I have met with (and wept with) so many people abused by the church would it be “legitimate” to protest in such a way? If I book tickets and don’t go because some of them committed suicide as they could not cope or were called “liars” to their faces by their rapists would it be “legitimate” protest? If I book tickets and don’t go because the Catholic Church has renegaded on many of its sworn promises to pay compensation to thousands of the children whose childhoods it destroyed, would it be a “legitimate” form of protest? If I book tickets and don’t go because the Catholic Church does not care about its victims and only pays lip service to the issue under the leadership of the Cuddly One would it be a form of legitimate protest? Maybe the blank spaces could symbolize those that died too soon because they could not cope with the horrors inflicted upon them by Catholic liars for Jesus.



    I think its a douchey thing to do. All it does is help reinforce Christians in their preposterous claim that “they are the opressed ones” and that there is a radical atheist agenda that controls everything. There are better ways to protest and even better ways to sabotage the plans of ideological nutcases without the doucheyness.



    Be great if we programmed a network of computer bots to buy up ALL the tickets.


    Ok, I have applied for 4 tickets and I will be printing them out. I will not be attending myself, quelle surprise, but I will be giving the tickets to 4 people I know who claim to be Catholics to see if they will go.

    I know 3 people who have booked tickets and who will not be showing up and they identify as Catholic.

    I fully understand the rationale of the “Nope to the Pope” protest and I am interested in seeing the numbers. What I am most happy about is the debate it is generating. It is on the radio talk shows and social media. My colleague from Atheist Ireland has a similar view to me.

    I have no problem with Catholics in general but I have no time for the Catholic Church which is a dying beast here in Ireland and in much of Europe.

    I will be among the first to stand up to defend the religious freedoms of Catholics. I have no problem with them practicing their faith (until they get good at it!). As ever, I just want them and all other faiths to remain outside of the political spectrum and not to interfere with those of us not part of their church, especially schoolchildren.



    “I have no problem with Catholics in general”

    My least favorite group of people after Islamic terrorists, mainly because they did after all terrorize me in my youth. I really can’t imagine more douchebags per capita than the group that comprised my catholic community. I often wonder where we would be in terms of scientific knowledge if that institution never existed.



    I sort of like the idea of buying tickets in a pattern so that is spells something using the vacant seats like….”liar.”…

    I guess I’m a bit sociopathic.

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