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    It very well could be the case. There have been no shortage of homophobic crusaders spitting out vile word vomit against LGTB, and then getting caught having gay sex…in a bathroom, in their own political office, via Grindr, in hotels under false names, with masseuses and escorts, and lets not forget the religious leaders who are also elected politicians, and their frequent taste for young victims.

    That being said. It cant be everyone. 99% of Chechnians are overwealmingly homophobic. Would murder their children if they were caught. I don’t think 99% of Chechnians are in the closet. I don’t think the majority of Republican anti-gay dehumanisers are all in the closet.

    What is far more interesting about Trinidad and Tobago and their anti-gay rhetoric…is that the country is itself, overwealmingly descendents of grossly marginalised people. Most of their ancesters where slaves brought to the Carribean. They were dehumanised, victimised and made out to be lesser with almost no rights. At a time when few people tried to defend them. They were vulnerable and could hardly speak up for themselves. It happens so often, decendents of marginalised people not respecting the rights of currently marginalised people. Even in the LGTB world, many gay men could care less about trans-rights, nor make trans people feel welcome at gay parties or be friends with one. Shockingly, many marginalised people are quite disinterested in the marginalisation of others. No surprise that religion is often the instigator of this.