• Earle Sanborn posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    Guys I’m sorry but you all full well know there’s no even one transitional fossil between whatever your mythical evolution tree from the non-existent primordial soup- where non-life suddenly and thankfully came to life. We know that spontaneous generation isn’t science nor does it speak to how life came into being. You all also know the science literature and facts show the rise of fish and sea creatures came about suddenly and no millions of gradient true fossils exist; same with amphibians have always been who they are; insects today look just like they looked fossil-wise millions of years ago. Animals rose independently as well.
    Fossil records also shows that birds arose by themselves as their whole gene pool, breathing and wing system could not “evolve” nor could they, and you all know this.
    Apes have always been apes and man has always been mankind witness the fraudulent attempts to depicted otherwise. Clearsky if you really based your world view on actual documented facts then you to would be in the same position as Andrew Flew- acknowledging that obvious facts. Despite evolutionist’s attempt at fraud/deception and cartoons, complete sculptures and sketches of complete birds, animals based on one tooth or one bone. It’s truly up to you to consider the wide-scope of even being alive to contemplate these things. Again, I will visit any museum anywhere that has actual, documented transitional, intermediary fossils showing the complete transition from one specie to another. All living species have variations- and variations provide nothing to evolution. Finish Mr. Flew’s book by next week.