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    Our lives at the moment…..

    ‘Beginning of the fire season’ has already created 36,600 B.C. evacuees

    Sun, 16 Jul 2017 11:42:28 EDT

    An estimated 36,600 people have been evacuated from their homes in B.C. as of Sunday afternoon, said Minister of Transportation Todd Stone, as wildfires continued to ravage the Interior.

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    • Still burning….how are you faring, JBO?

      • Thank you for asking.
        Still at our son’s place with our kitties. Its been stressful but the everyone here has stepped up to the plate & have been very helpful. The Red Croos, the city, & all businesses have offers for all evacuees from food to laundry to pet care, etc. Our son gets grocery chits every 5 days to feed us, & $45 per day from the government to house us. It looks like things are finally getting under control, & we MAY be able to get started at going home by the end of the month.