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    Ysumlin, you wrote: What is it with people who calls themselves white? Do they even not understand that the five race category was invented by them?

    People who call themselves White are diverse. To ascribe as you do to an entire group is inaccurate and unjust. It is also inaccurate and unfair to charge contemporaries with the actions of ancestors. It is just wrong.

    Using the term Black people is fine by me because it is on par with White people. But for your purposes in hoping to dispel the lies and myths of race it makes little sense. When people hear Black people it suggests there are White people and other racial groups. You on the other hand want it KNOWN that race is nonexistent and we are all one people. Your term of choice does the opposite. It makes skin color a point of demarcation.

    I think it is a noble objective in seeking to educate the masses about history as it relates to racism and the origins of the concept of race. But it won’t fundamentally solve anything. A deeper examination of history reveals that people in general are easily led and highly tribal. Most of us have an aspect of ourselves that is empathic and compassionate. We have an opposite aspect that is vicious and compatible with oppression. It is no different for people who identify as Black or Asian or any other ethnicity or race. I have a lot of thoughts i could develop but i choose to hold those in abeyance.