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    I am not afraid to say, I voted for Biden.

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    Good morning all, hope everyone is well. I can’t seem to open my notifications and friend requests. Clicked on every link I can find but they will not open. Can anyone assist me with this issue? Thank you anf have a great day and please remember to vote !

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    Vote, vote, vote. Please.

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    How many of you have tried the bleach and disinfectant teat? Go ahead, give it a shot. The Christian righties that have put the boob in chief on a pedestal says it’s worth the risk. What do you have to lose. I would have loved one of those reporters to challenge him to do so on cam. Now that that is said, is everyone surviving?

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    Still hoping to find one person that will assist me in gettingg my book published. Any takers?

  • Wovernments. Oner for the  right, onr for the left. We are a divided nation and will be for a very, very long time. As long as there are those media outlets that choose one side or the other, back up conspiracy theories, twist facts and big corporations continue to fill This has been going on for far too long. Pherhaps it is time to actually d…[Read more]

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    I am nearing the point of desperation and am willing to do ANYTHING to find one person to help me publish my book. Do I sound serious or like a pathetic begger? Maybe i would have better luck praying. haha

    • Hi Quincy, I don’t know much about it, but surely if your book is good, you can find a publisher, otherwise it might be worth self-publishing. I’m hoping to turn my web site into a book one day, but not until it’s really good (imo).
        • If I could, I would, but to be blunt, i lost everything and i have nothing left, and that includses funds. This will be a chance to rebuild my life and actually start over again. I am nearing my last resort.
        • at my local community centre there was a guy running classes in “how to publish your own book”,You could always ring them when his class is on: http://www.lgl.org.uk/
        • No God. How can there be when there are so many discepencies in our written historical records. I would include religious documents and writings as well. How many men sat and wrote about the things they saw or witnessed and said to themselves, ” I can’t write about this, they will think I am crazy, so I will just write what they want to hear.”

          I…[Read more]

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          How many of you believe most of history is wrong?

          • Since Hoerditus most serious historians have at least attempted to record history through as straight a lense as possible and in the last century that ability to step…

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              • I never said all of written text is wron, i said most probably is, but I do agree with you, some has most likely been manipulated. Can you vision someone writying an…

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              Hi friends, really needing someone to help me publish my book…if anyone is interested. Let’s chat and make a deal.

              • I only know of one regular person here familiar with publishing, and I remember him saying he had some books on Amazon. Can you say more about themes or how you’d like to reach more people?
                  • Hi, would like to contact him and thank yoiu for the reply. My book is titled ” Stop The Hate, Start The Healing” (ST ” my Journey From Religion”) It concerns why I…

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                    • Also, this is actually my second book. Had a horrible publisher with the first one.
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                    Are we still not discovering things of wonder even today? New discoveries from our ancient past has not changed our history books. As long as most men insist and believe in some kind of god, I doubt anyone will ever convince them to think any differently. You could shove the evidence in their faces and they would still believe it is from god. It…[Read more]

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                    Hello all. Hope everyone iswell. I have not been on here for a while and trying to improve my visits here. Would anyone be interested in helping me to publish my book? Doesn’t hurt to ask. I guess if I were a political analyst or famous it would be easy. Seems that is what you have to be today. Let’s make a deal of some kind.
                    Take care all.

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                    Hey all, seems I’ve been neglecting this site for too long. Just finished writing my second book and currently looking for someone , an investor, to help me publish it. Let’s chat and make a deal. It is titled : ” Stop the Hat, Start the Healing ” (st: My Journey From Religion) I guess if I guess if I were a rich politician, it would be easy…[Read more]

                  • I wonder how many times this has been debated in back alleys. I keep thinking about how religions, then and now, would kill someone for blasphemy and heresey (sp).   Then I am reminded of on of the ten commandments. Thou shall not kill.  I have to laugh. Someone please prove to me there is one religion without hypocrites. Let alone proving th…[Read more]

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