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    I think the law in most states is that a child born to a couple while they are married is the joint responsibility of the parents, no matter if one of them wanted it or if it was an accident or if there was deception involved.  The forgery is a separable offense, and might be sued on, but child support is not contingent on the result.

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    If you want someone to define a word for you, you should first tell them what you want the definition for.  What are you going to do with it?  Are you trying to figure out what does some author mean by it?  Are you trying to understand some religion?  Are you planning to write something?  Give some details, and if the definition doesn’t imme…[Read more]

  • Europe took centuries to get over repressive theocracy.  Do you think it will be centuries with your area, or is there some hopeful reason to think it will be much shorter?