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    You dpost some wonderful,xthought provoking links and I hope you continue to do so. I also hope that one day are species gets past dumb labels for accidents of birth and that we all treat each other as individuals with equal Individual Rights Before The Law and judged only by words and deeds.

    However, you will definitely need to practice due diligance in who you cite. One article you cite comes from The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC.) The people and things that come from The Southern Poverty Law Center are neither Southern nor Legal, nor is the SPLC in poverty.

    The SPLC heads are grifters and con-artists who prosper by legally extorting people who have dubious or no connection to bigotry, who inflate bigotry to be greater than it really is, and who are themselves accused credibly of bigotry and sexual harassment as well. Here are some links on the subject:

    Famous civil rights group suffers from ‘systemic culture of racism and sexism,’ staffers say
    By Nick Valencia and Pamela Kirkland, CNN