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    Is it known what caused the hypoglycemia? Side effect of blood thinner? Somehow related to heart condition, surgery or anesthesia? Prior history of hypoglycemia? Have you or will you change your diet or activity?

    I’m sure that post-heart attack medications had something to do with my hypoglycemic episode.  I’ll be making  a variety of changes to my diet like less beef and pork and more fish and chicken, more vegetables, etc.

    Changes in activity won’t be necessary if I can get this problem licked and get back to work. I’m slowly losing my ability to walk and thus aerobic exercise won’t be possible in the future and hasn’t been possible for  years. I can still walk, but it seems everyone else walks faster than me. I simply can’t run anymore.



    There is a PostLog.

    Last Wednesday, while in the midst of steady recovery from my heart attack, I experienced a hypoglycemia crisis, passed out for a few minutes, and woke up with blood on my pants as well as on the floor. I had opened a small wound on my left elbow but am on blood thinners which greatly inhibit clotting.

    Somehow, during the episode I injusred my back.

    About 4:30 a.m. the next morning I wanted to get out of bed to close the bedroom blinds, but the painful spasms of my back made this impossible. Luckily, I had had the foresight to keep my cell phone handy, so I called 911 and was put on a gurney and taken to the nearest hospital.

    After being given some oxycodone and an antiinflammatory, I was sent home with a couple prescriptions for more oxycodone pills and lidocaine ointment.

    Recovery has been slow. Periods when I feel I’m doing better are followed by total backsliding. I’m now losing a second week of work.

    I can’t wait to see my bills.



    Lately on TV are many ads for one or two companies offering ways to refinance student loan on better terms.

    HOWEVER, now that there’s talk of a blanket forgiving of sudent loans, I suspect that anyone who shifts their debt from the government program to one financed by a private loan company might be left out in the cold. Think twice before refinancing.

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    @davisThere simply cannot be a God. What kind of architect would locate the sewage works right beside the playground?




    So glad you called 911 when you did. My husband has a very bad heart after 2 heart attacks, & a stroke after the second one, as a piece of the clot broke off & lodged in his brain 3 days later. He has a defib/pacemaker implant & has had it since 2010. We have both had catheters, so yes, we know what its like. Get well soon.

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s tribulations. I wish you folks well.



    What does a urinary cath feel like? Well, it feels like what it is: someone sticking a relatively stiff object up your urethra abrading sensitive mucus membranes along the way, followed by the relief of a relaxed bladder, which is the only good part.

    To ask what something is like assumes you’ve felt something similar before. I assure you—and anyone who’s been cathed up the urethra can relate to this—you’ve never felt anything like it before. And you’ll never want to feel it again…unless you’re afraid your bladder is about to explode.



    Praise the universe. Glad you are recovering. I have seen what a stinking horror show catheter is. If you have urinary retention and need another cath there are a lot of options. Heart attack is my greatest health fear. That is in part why i kill myself with aerobic exercise. Buena fortuna.

    Thank you.

    What “other options”?

    Luckily, it wasn’t so-called “massive heart attack.” They didn’t bring out the paddles and shock my heart or anything. I was lucky.



    One more by e.e. cummings, and then it’s someone else’s turn.

    There are many poems about a lost love, but few are better than this.

    It May Not Always Be So; And I Say by e.e. cummings

    it may not always be so; and i say
    that if your lips,which i have loved,should touch
    another’s,and your dear strong fingers clutch
    his heart,as mine in time not far away;
    if on another’s face your sweet hair lay
    in such silence as i know,or such
    great writhing words as,uttering overmuch,
    stand helplessly before the spirit at bay;

    if this should be,i say if this should be—
    you of my heart,send me a little word;
    that i may go unto him,and take his hands,
    saying,Accept all happiness from me.
    Then shall i turn my face,and hear one bird
    sing terribly afar in the lost lands



    I had the loveliest, most loving, and most Christian (in every good sense of that word) father. This e.e. cummings poem reminds me so much of him, especially the fourth verse (“and should some why…”). I miss him more than anyone could know.

    My Father Moved Through Dooms Of Love by e.e. cummings

    my father moved through dooms of love
    through sames of am through haves of give,
    singing each morning out of each night
    my father moved through depths of height

    this motionless forgetful where
    turned at his glance to shining here;
    that if (so timid air is firm)
    under his eyes would stir and squirm

    newly as from unburied which
    floats the first who, his april touch
    drove sleeping selves to swarm their fates
    woke dreamers to their ghostly roots

    and should some why completely weep
    my father’s fingers brought her sleep:
    vainly no smallest voice might cry
    for he could feel the mountains grow.

    Lifting the valleys of the sea
    my father moved through griefs of joy;
    praising a forehead called the moon
    singing desire into begin

    joy was his song and joy so pure
    a heart of star by him could steer
    and pure so now and now so yes
    the wrists of twilight would rejoice

    keen as midsummer’s keen beyond
    conceiving mind of sun will stand,
    so strictly (over utmost him
    so hugely) stood my father’s dream

    his flesh was flesh his blood was blood:
    no hungry man but wished him food;
    no cripple wouldn’t creep one mile
    uphill to only see him smile.

    Scorning the Pomp of must and shall
    my father moved through dooms of feel;
    his anger was as right as rain
    his pity was as green as grain

    septembering arms of year extend
    less humbly wealth to foe and friend
    than he to foolish and to wise
    offered immeasurable is

    proudly and (by octobering flame
    beckoned) as earth will downward climb,
    so naked for immortal work
    his shoulders marched against the dark

    his sorrow was as true as bread:
    no liar looked him in the head;
    if every friend became his foe
    he’d laugh and build a world with snow.

    My father moved through theys of we,
    singing each new leaf out of each tree
    (and every child was sure that spring
    danced when she heard my father sing)

    then let men kill which cannot share,
    let blood and flesh be mud and mire,
    scheming imagine, passion willed,
    freedom a drug that’s bought and sold

    giving to steal and cruel kind,
    a heart to fear, to doubt a mind,
    to differ a disease of same,
    conform the pinnacle of am

    though dull were all we taste as bright,
    bitter all utterly things sweet,
    maggoty minus and dumb death
    all we inherit, all bequeath

    and nothing quite so least as truth
    —i say though hate were why men breathe—
    because my Father lived his soul
    love is the whole and more than all

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    I happened to read an article about lesbians that live on Lesbos. I guess some Lesbians object to the dual usage and even took it to court.

    So, since changing the name of the island called Lesbos probably isn’t in the cards, what did the lesbians sue to be called instead of “lesbians”?



    Did anyone ever ask him to “stop being a dick, Dick”?



    I admit to not having read prior posts, but with talk of using public money to support or bail out PG&E, is no one talking of using the public’s money to turn them into a publicly-owned utility? I mean, if you gotta spend public money, should it be used to bail out investors? When you invest in a company, you take the risk that the company could go down the tubes. Time for a government takeover? It’s not illegal. States run businesses all over the country. Liquor stores, for example.



    While the slew of Quantum Mechanics related articles you posted involving ‘free will’ tend towards some form of determinism, I see no actual conclusion or breakthrough yet and nobody is claiming the Nobel prize either. I also tend toward determinism because despite that my human experience tells me I have free will, there is little evidence for it. I remain uncommitted. If the day comes when they crack the bridge between particle physics and classical physics and are able to rule out the ability of a conscience brain to overcome classical physics as we know it; how would that affect society? A drunk driver has no choice. Criminals are destined for crime. Hitler was just a victim of physics. After all he was a vegetarian. Do we open up the jail cells? Will there be a decay of personal responsibility? As Spock would say: “fascinating”.

    I don’t see how the intrusion of the subatomic world into the world of classical/Einsteinian physics can do anything other than change the course of things. I can’t imagine how it could redeem free will, especially since that pair of words goes largely undefined in any coherent way. We all want it but don’t know WTF it is.

    And the subatomic world intrudes into the classical/Einsteinian world all the time. Sunlight is photons, subatomic particles. When you turn on a lamp at night, you’re flooding your room with subatomic particles.

    More to the point, though, subatomic particles can affect DNA, causing mutations that otherwise would not have happened. We humans are probably the result of a mutation at some point which the process of evolution preserved and propagated.



    My daughter seems to believe (in addition to God) in MLM schemes. She’s the daughter of a philosopher and a computer scientist. We’re failures as parents, I guess. Or victims of rebellion. I don’t know.

    She’s sold “natural” cleaning products, essential oils, and I forget what she’s onto now.

    She claims that even after she leaves these programs, money keeps coming in to the tune of two or three hundred bucks a month.




    But where do you think the feelings you experience in your consciousness come from?

    Your preconscious mind.

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