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    Why don’t we keep this race by skin colors thing going so we can just keep killing each other because of it? If you’re like me I’m tired of this race by skin colors and let me add religions to this as well. They are both social constructs and keeps adding calamity after calamity but if I say we are all Black People there’s a problem and yet saying we are all Black Humans on earth has more truths than we are a separate species based on skin colors. I hate white people and Europeans because they have literally fucked up our world and yet these ignorant fools don’t want to be held accountable for their actions even though we all get an overdose of white people in our media from every of media outlets around the world no matter the platforms that they sit on and yet no one has a problem with that. I’m 63 years of age and all I have ever heard was the promotions of the white race and yes, it stills continues even more today. Teaching Critical Race Theory is a problem and yet white kids promoting the Neo Nazi ideologies of hate continues to go unnoticed or condoned. The term People of Color is viewed as a derogatory term to white people and yet they have no problem if people identify all humans on the basis of race science which have been proven as false, but yet white people wants to keep this rubbish alive. Mass shootings based on race is at an all time high since the Trump era and no one is seeing the rise of white supremacy as a threat, but BLM is the problem and yet no mass killings was targeted at the white race accept by white people killing Jewish People who has the same pale skin, I remember when Greeks, Polish, Italians, Irish, Spanish, and other people who had pale skin was not considered as being white. What is the problem with being Black that so many people hate being called, but see no harm with the white race who is continuing to kill us all?