Do you think Orange Hitler will be impeached?

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    Yay or Nay?

    Winner takes all lol!

    I don’t think anyone who “could” do anything has the BALLS to stand up to him




    It seems as though republican congresmen are too morally bankrupt to stand up to this douchebag so no. The far more interesting question is how morally bankrupt American voters are and their disinterest in decency and respect? Will they vote him in again? Even after 4 years of doing virtually nothing but make his friends money, piss off every ally and trading partner and endlesdly insult every non-white-straight-American-male? It’s hard to tell. I’d like to think there is some dignity and character still among a majority of them.

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    If he hasn’t been run out of office on a rail, tarred & feathered, charged, & convicted of something by now, I doubt  it. He seems able to buy anyone.




    Simon Paynton

    He seems to make a career out of sailing just this side of the legal line but never actually crossing it.  As for the moral line, I think he doesn’t even know where it is.



    I was originally opposed to him. However, he has proven himself and i am eager to vote for him next term.  I truly think he can make America great again-back to a time when people knew their place. In that way social order is secure. Women are there to be exploited otherwise they would not dress provocatively. I know the grab em by the pussy language is offensive to some but it is what they want-and it is a positive message to men to be dominant and take by force if necessary. I think that is what cavemen must have done-the strongest cavemen got the hottest babes. And i know among chimps, our closest relatives males will separate females from troop and rape them. What is right is right.

    Also we see a positive change with so many racists and hate groups feeling more safe to express their first amendment rights. FREE SPEECH…YEAH BABY!

    Next term he will get the wall built and keep out the undesirables who only want to steal our money and our women, rape loot and pillage. Once he has consolidated power and eliminated the opposition it should be a snap.  And i know other nations respect us now and that will only grow during his 2nd term. Plus they know not to fuck with us! He is not just bluster…he wants the strongest military in history! I could go on and on but you get my drift…



    I am compelled to add to my panegyric.

    It is so refreshing to have a man in high office who TELLS IT LIKE IT IS.  He refers to African nations as shithole countries. He makes up cute little names for his opposition like Lion Ted. It is a surprisingly effective way to diminish his opponents cuz it can come off as being playful. After all adults don’t talk like that, kids do. (here is to hoping nobody steals my cute name for him-PLUMP TRUMP)  This man is so cocksure that he does not even bother to prepare for important meetings or to become informed on or about…well….ANYTHING.  I used to practice law and was a slave to is a guy running the USA and he flies by the seat of his ass crack and sparkling orange hair.  I mean who else would have the balls to stay ignorant, never learn anything, continue in office the same way he had as a businessman paying off people and acting like any other leader of a cartel. It is the only way to get things done.




    Haven’t watched the news closely enough to rightly guess. The big problem is, impeachment might just energize his followers. You know, the deplorables. The populists who swallowed all the fake news fed to them by Steve Banon and big money crowd manipulators blaming evil liberals.

    The other problem is that, even if he were to be impeached, it’s unlikely the senate would convict him, especially since Mueller doing his damnest couldn’t indict him. I hope I’m wrong, and enough people step up. Don’t be surprised if Trump trumps up another national emergency, and/or another “righteous” foreign war like in our recent history. Bolton would be more than happy to help him there. Iran’s a likely candidate, or even worse, North Korea which would be totally disastrous (if not fatal) for South Korea.

    Sorry. That was much more than a yay or nay. A rant, I guess.



    Impeachment is the second part of a two-part process. First, there’s an investigation in The House of Representatives and, if they deign, articles (accusations) are promulgated and handed over to The Senate where a trial is held, presided over by The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. A vote is taken, and if two-thirds of the Senate (a simple majority won’t do) vote to impeach, he’s out of office with no way to appeal,

    With the current composition of The Senate,  which is currently in the control of the Republicans (Trump’s party), his impeachment won’t happen.

    Unless, of course, The House’s investigation uncovers something enormous. However, the Republican Party is at the moment totally in Trump’s thrall, so with that plus the need for a super-majority of two-thirds, Impeaching Trump is all but impossible.

    I agree with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: let the voters toss him out.



    I’m not as clear on the process as I first thought, so (from wikipedia unless they are wrong!) to be precise (bold is mine and I split one paragraph into two):

    Similar to the British system, Article One of the United States Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power of impeachment and the Senate the sole power to try impeachments of officers of the U.S. federal government. […]

    Impeachment does not necessarily result in removal from office; it is only a legal statement of charges, parallel to an indictment in criminal law. An official who is impeached faces a second legislative vote (whether by the same body or another), which determines conviction, or failure to convict, on the charges embodied by the impeachment. Most constitutions require a supermajority to convict. Although the subject of the charge is criminal action, it does not constitute a criminal trial; the only question under consideration is the removal of the individual from office, and the possibility of a subsequent vote preventing the removed official from ever again holding political office in the jurisdiction where he or she was removed.

    This NY Times article How the Impeachment Process Works is more interesting.




    I wonder what Mr. Jimmy makes of it all.



    Do the left of center understand the two party system yet???… Will they continue to split their votes? The presidency is mostly irrelevant anyways when the looming recession exposes how badly US companies and the US public in general are so highly leveraged. So sensitive to interest rates. I yanked millions out of the market just to generate a reliable income stream. Will I regret it in a year? Maybe. In three years? I doubt it.



    He seems to make a career out of sailing just this side of the legal line but never actually crossing it.

    His loyal minions do the dirty deeds and take the legal hit, giving their mafia-like boss plausible deniability. Making every cabinet member publicly espouse loyalty is just the tip of the wannabe-authoritarian iceberg. Republicans have to join in, or retire, until the cancer of populism finally succeeds in killing enough of its host.

    American ugliness is the new campaign that emboldens the haters and the cynical to just blame and denigrate anyone in their way. A self-righteous legislative branch can shirk its constitutional duty to consider SCOTUS appointees; the new president, when constitutionally prescribed veto isn’t enough for him, arrogantly obstructs the legislative branch. The only winners this term are Big Religion and their righteous Supreme Court.

    MAGA my ass!



    Simon Paynton

    What’s fascinating, and instructive, is to analyse his behaviour in terms of the moral formulas put forward by Michael Tomasello:

    • you = me   (represents fairness, reciprocity and respect)
    • you > me   (represents kindness, concern for others, helping in response to need)
    • we > me   (represents agreement to cooperate, including agreement to respect morality and responsibility for one’s actions).

    As a narcissist, he can’t put himself second, therefore the best he can do is “you = me”.  Tellingly for Tomasello’s theory, and for Trump, he hates agreements and institutions and is always trying to break them up.  Also, he doesn’t respect morality or take responsibility for his actions.



    The only president that got impeached in my lifetime was Clinton. I thought he was great, LOL. Trump is not the problem. He is a symptom. All the anti-Trump rhetoric is off target. He did not elect himself no matter how bad the voting system may be.

    So lets get in the car and drive away from the coast, out of the city and head for a small town America. Red country. What are their values? I do have a sense of what they care about since I live in a redneck area. If we were to superimpose values we would see there is much in common.

    Values like hard work and individual responsibility would be shared by most of us. Pay your taxes, settle things with a handshake, not a gaggle of lawyers. They may not care for bare-assed men in chaps holding a gay parade down main street but do they really HATE LGBT+’s? I don’t think so. They have gay sons and daughters too. Are they willing to tip toe around gender or race vocabulary. No. They think we should not care what others think, do your thing, grow the fuck up.

    The economy is what is really important. When it tanks the poor suffer disproportionately. I see cracks. We are so in debt we could make Greece look like walk in the park. It won’t take much to send it in a downward spiral.




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