Is there evidence that new races of man appeared coinceding with biblical Adam?

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    Unless readers have a degree in genetics or a strong interest in it (like me) the esoteric writing does not convey anything meaningful. There is very little “plain English” in the post to encourage anyone suffering from hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia to make sense of it.

    I am not sure what point you are trying to make here. You pose the question using the term “Adam” in the Biblical sense and present your argument using the term “Adam” in the genetic sense and mean “Y-Chromosomal Adam”, a term used in Science that has nothing to do with the Bible.

    There have been various bottlenecks within the history of human (humanoid) evolution. A bottleneck 5000-6000 years ago did happen and there were a few dozen men left who are the ancestors of almost all modern Eurasian men. However those men are descended from an earlier “bottleneck Adam” that existed about 250,000 years before then, in Africa.

    There was no “Adam” 6000 years ago. Not in any literal Biblical sense and not any scientific sense.



    Yes there is a Y-Chromosomal Adam. And I don’t intent to muddy the waters by referring to him.

    I dispute that there was not a bottleneck at the start of the bronze age. I attribute the swarm R1b haplogroup replacing the ice-age Megafuana haplogroups of man from the East being consistant with the spread of the sons of Adam. There could only have been a sudden dissappearance of prexisting haplogroups if these men came to an end.

    Theorist in the article I presented has different theories. From a biblical point of view the first metal workers are from Adam.

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    From a biblical point of view the first metal workers are from Adam.

    I am now unable to continue because from my point of view the person called Adam as portrayed in the Bible never existed. I do have a certain admiration for your dedication to the cause. Admitting that Evolution is true while keeping the character of Adam alive take some ingenuity. Let’s revisit this in another 7 years or so Michael. I will remember to do so 🙂

    I just had a debate with a Jehovah Witness about how Moses understood the health reasons for quarantining people (for 40 days as I am sure you know already). He got really annoyed when I said that the person of Moses never actually existed and the Jews were never held captive in Egypt. He is coming back this weekend to show me a “history book” that explains how Moses understood germ theory. Well, if it’s in a Watchtower publication it must be true!!



    Ah the Jehovah Wittness again. I admire your forbearance.🙂


    Well they do keep on a callin’ to the atheist production farm…:-)



    It must be humbling to awaken,  Michael, if you  follow  one of the paths to apostasy and realize how dishonest, deadended and intractable your approach to knowledge once was.  Hope you find that humble…



    Talking of apostacy, my heretical views would have already cost me a burning at the stake by parochial authorities  two centuries ago.

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    Michael – I don’t think many of us here would have been awarded any medals by those same authorities. It is true that religious people can feel murderous towards those of us that don’t believe the dogma of what the majority claim to be the truth. Personally I just don’t believe any of it, whatever the creed.

    If you are ever to stumble upon a Wi-Fi connection called “No Gods No Masters” keep an eye out for wandering herds of JW’s in the area and follow them to the blue house in the corner and you will find this heretic. I always have a box of marshmallows on standby 🙂



    LOL, yes why waste a good stake burning! 😋


    Simon Paynton

    This would be me:  Jeho-what?



    LMAO!!! Wait Reg, do you actually go to the JW gatherings? What a great idea! Some popcorn, maybe some Raisonettes, and answer every question with a question of my own on evolution, science, and homosexuality.

    The last time they knocked I smiled and politely said, “I’m an atheist but thanks for calling have a great day”. To which they slowly turned away and went about their business selecting the next victim.


    When the JW’s or Mormons call to me I always invite them in. I think the Mormons have stopped calling (they keep a “little black book”) because I got the last 2 callers to “reason” themselves out of their faith. The 2 guys were only in the country about a week having arrived from a Mid-west State and I was one of the first houses they called to. I live near their “mission house”. They knelt on my lounge floor and prayed out loud to their God that “Brother Reg will find your Truth”. I began by asking them if they could really communicate with the Creator of the Universe and proceeded to tell them their life story and how they got their faith. By the time I had finished they looked shell shocked. I followed up by asking them if I was wrong in my summary and they said “No”. I knew I had gotten through to them. I then “apologized” for not allowing them to speak and asked them to explain all about their God to me. They were lost for words and just stared at each other, not knowing what to do.

    But my favorites are the JW’s. Their ringleader has been calling to me about every 2 months for the last 7 years. He is doing his best to convert me but he always beings a new “recruit” along so they can meet a “real live atheist” and learn how to debate properly. I have depleted their ranks of several members and also stopped some of the new recruits from getting in any deeper.

    They are always surprised with my welcome. Come on in, would you like a coffee or some food? Most people say they would never entertain allowing them in. When Catholics say that to me I insist on getting them to explain why. I will ask them to explain what is wrong with being a JW or Mormon. I will say “I like talking to them because they take their religion seriously and we can discuss the Bible, something I find most Catholics don’t read, if they even own one”.  Let the games begin….!

    When I see the JW’s coming up the driveway I will put a copy of the Book of Mormon on the coffee table beside my Bible and a copy of “God is not Great”. Just to see the reaction…..Then I get all Socratic on them! Eventually they will make up some excuse to escape leave but not before I ask them to be brave enough to challenge their doubts and to please call back next week!!



    Honestly, Reg, your depictions across the years of your interactions with the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses have entertained me and probably many others :). Never stop!

    Noel, I was tricked by an old mate on TA into a situation where the Mormons came to visit us.  I opened the door in horror as the woman started her speech.  I interrupted her to say that we were married lesbian atheists and were not suited to her proposals.  She said, “Oh that’s alright, we talk to anybody”. I replied, “That’s nice, we don’t “ and shut the door.

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    “I find most Catholics don’t read, if they even own one”.

    These are the groveling masses steep in steeple chasing that deserve a royal kick in the pants! 😉 ( My  tongue in cheek profile comment)


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    I occasionally drop in on various church services. The Evangelical “speaking in tongues” ones in the city that “help the needy” will only help them after they endure an hour of indoctrination. “Here is a mug of tea and some bread. The warm food will be ready in about an hour so why not hang out here and listen to what we have to offer you while you wait…” I find many students are there out of curiosity and they can get sucked into it especially as they are still finding their feet in the world and working out whats what. So I invite them to the monthly Atheist Ireland brunch nearby. Often just explaining what atheism is, is enough for them to figure out that faith is not required and to get them to start thinking critically.

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