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    Animals Experience Complex Emotions, According to Primatologist“, Michael Krasny interviews Frans de Waal, 92 min, from kqed.org/forum. Waal is also an ethologist.

    RSS link for this (up to) ten times per week podcast: feeds.feedburner.com/kqedforum

    This episode is downloadable here. This is a great episode (although I’m already familiar with most of what was covered).

    Ask a pet owner if animals have emotions, writes primatologist Frans De Waal and they’ll say, “of course!” But ask a University professor, and they’ll squirm. While the leading theories in science only recognize basic emotions in animals such as anger, happiness and fear, De Wall argues that animals share all emotions with humans, including complex ones like hope, disappointment, guilt and empathy. Frans De Waal joins Forum to discuss his decades of research on the behavior and social intelligence of primates and his new book, “Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What they Tell Us about Ourselves.”

    Minute/second bookmarks:

    1. 01:12 (to skip intro)
    2. 02:05 Chimpanze “Mama”, group leader, empathy on her deathbed
    3. 05:34 “All animals have emotions”; fear & amygdala in rat studies
    4. 09:35 An animal’s concept of “fairness”
    5. 11:27 Chimps fighting then actually kissing and making up
    6. 12:50 Control of emotions and impulses
    7. 15:51 War & peace wrt civilizations (vs Steve Pinker)
    8. 17:27 Animal (even fish) fairness, compassion, empathy; pillars of morality
    9. 19:27 Grieving
    10. 20:42 Food sharing (chimps)
    11. 24:51 (back from station break)
    12. 25:00 chimps vs bonobos wrt war & love
    13. 27:45 maternal protectiveness, esp. in mammals
    14. 29:36 feelings vs emotions; expression (by body & facial muscles)
    15. 33:44 dog emotions (e.g. guilt, but need more experimentation)
    16. 35:08 chimps & horses also have facial muscles for expression
    17. 37:28 animal grieving over loss of another
    18. 39:28 cat coming downstairs right before dying
    19. 41:22 may be able to measure “feelings” in animal brains
    20. 42:17 dolphins, evolutionary origin of feelings, Jaak Pansepp
    21. 44:30 every brain part is also found in chimps, just sizes are different
    22. 45:52 solitary vs group oriented social behavior
    23. 47:38 jealousy & envy; “anthropo-denialist” (opposed to -morphic)
    24. 50:06 crows reaction to death; bonobos as our closest relatives, etc


    A great Michael Shermer episode just came out: SCIENCE SALON # 109 Neil ShubinSome Assembly Required: Decoding Four Billion Years of Life, from Ancient Fossils to DNA

    Play it or download it from: Episode 109 detail page

    Science Salon Podcast page


    Simon Paynton

    Very interesting programme on BBC Radio 4 about “woke” culture.  Features interviews with Helen Pluckrose.



    Simon Paynton

    As a contrast to “woke”, here’s a very good programme on BBC World Service featuring two feminist academics talking about “toxic masculinity” etc.



    Simon Paynton

    Another interesting programme, about the children of Catholic priests, what life is like for them, and how the Church deals with it.


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