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Mommy, do the udder moo cows eat meat?

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    The title “The Guilt-Free Sources of Meat” begs the question, i.e. it assumes the existence of guilt in eating meat. 😉

    But to address your video, yes there are many ways we could raise protein better to deal with a growing population. In addition to aquaculture for getting seafòod, it is also conceivable that we could raise land animals on seasteading platforms using a hydroponic medium for growing the plants they eat.

    One thing that would not be good is “free-range” poultry and livestock, which by definition uses more land, requires more fertilizer and pesticides, has less yield per acre, and (surprise, surprise) is more expensive to buy…all to appease the snowflakery of PETA types.

    To deal with the larger problem of CO2 in the atmosphere, I had seen a documentary (I think it was called Averting Apocalypse but I’ll look it up to be sure) where scientists were making a plastic tree with needles that could absorb CO2 1000 times more efficiently than biological trees. The Carbon from the CO2 could then be pumped into the Earth to be absorbed by rock which then could made a commercially usable building material.

    All this could be done without giving up fossil fuels, the Internal Combustion Engine or modern technology and conveniences surrounding them, as is proposed by the Watermelon variety of Environmentalists who think humans must suffer and die to save the Planet.

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    Musings on meat…

    Possible to eat healthy as a vegan? Yeah that is parallel to can you be good without god. Without the propaganda people would not ask.

    That BBC thing was disappointing in failing to explore lab grown meat.

    Hypothesis of mine-if one is a consumer of factory farmed animals and has never experienced guilt-related feelings or thoughts; some form of misgivings or pensive inquiry into the morality of it then that individual is low in empathy.

    In unlikely event we as a species continue for at least a few centuries the abomination will be viewed as we currently view slavery. Although i have read that a significant percentage of Trump supporters are in favor of slavery.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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