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Sunday School 12th March 2023

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    In the UK a teenager was sent death threats by members of the religion of peace who cannot seem to grasp that they have rights but their beliefs do not.

    FFRF applauds Biden’s repeal of religious discrimination rule.

    Should we expect to see a rise in Christian Nationalist violence in the US? The White Nationalists at CPAC.

    American Atheists call for ending the religious Denial of Care rule.

    A charity sues Washington state for a right to hire only homophobic Christians.

    World of Woo: A brief look at false flag conspiracy theories.

    Environment: When faulty science is accepted as conventional wisdom.

    Drought is forcing Kenya to confront whether the country should grow genetically modified (GM) crops.

    We owe our lives to 3-billion-year-old stromatolite fossils and then fish evolved to walk – and in one case, turned into humans.

    Even with quantum entanglement, there’s no faster-than-light communication.

    Long Reads: By showing us a new cosmos, the discoveries of the JWST will ripple through our moral universe.  The Covid mask wars have left us unprepared for the next pandemic.

    Sunday Book Club: Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  How to update your beliefs systematically – Bayes’ Theorem. Is Christianity Rational?


    Have a great week everyone!

    Due to time constraints and the “lockout” from the site I have a slimmed down post today.



    Thanks Reg!!



    then fish evolved to walk – and in one case, turned into humans.

    ThEn whY ArE tHeRe StILL FiSh?



    Autumn there were maga-equivalent fish that refused to evolve and took their people backwards to the good old days when fish were fish and knew their plaice 😉



    Somewhere in the fossil record, evidence of fish wearing red hats exists along with futile attempts to build a net separating the water from the land.

    Build the net!
    Build the net!
    Build the net!


    ThEn whY ArE tHeRe StILL FiSh?

    No monkey business here please!

    I asked my A.I. bot to write an answer for me, with a few puns….and 5 seconds later;

    As we all know, humans have evolved over millions of years, from our humble beginnings as fish in the sea. Yes, you heard that right, we were all once just little fishes swimming around in the big blue ocean.

    It all started around 500 million years ago, during the Cambrian period. This was a time when there was an explosion of diverse marine life, with many new species of fish evolving. Some of these fish had skeletons made of cartilage, while others had bony skeletons. These early fish were the ancestors of all vertebrates, including us humans.

    Over time, some fish began to evolve new features that helped them survive in their environment. Some developed fins that could be used for steering and maneuvering in the water, while others evolved gills that allowed them to extract oxygen from the water. As the years went by, some fish began to venture out of the water and onto land, evolving legs that could support their weight.

    But the journey from fish to humans wasn’t a smooth one. Many fish species died out, while others evolved into completely different forms. Some fish even developed strange and bizarre features, like the anglerfish with its glowing lure, or the pufferfish with its inflatable body.

    Despite the challenges, some fish continued to evolve, eventually giving rise to the first mammals. These early mammals were small and furry, with warm blood and milk-producing glands. They eventually evolved into primates, and from there, humans.

    It’s truly amazing to think that we are all descended from fish. It just goes to show that evolution is a funny thing, and you never know what kind of fishy features you might find in your family tree.

    In conclusion, the evolution of fish to humans is a fascinating and complex journey. It’s amazing to think that we all share a common ancestry with the creatures that still swim in the oceans today. So the next time you’re feeling down, just remember that you’re a fish out of water, and that’s something to be proud of. After all, life is just a reel-y big adventure!




    That bot is not for naught. It is interesting how folksy the answer becomes. Almost practiced like the affable curmudgeon’s syntax.

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