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Sunday School 1st August 2021

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    Writes Enco-And yet you are wanting to wage a war on “misinformation,” not particular errors, but “misinformation” itself. As if you are Omniscient and incapable of “misinformation,” as if you are Omnipotent enough to stop a human condition to which we are all succeptible as long as we are not Omniscient.

    I’m sure this “War On ‘Misinformation’” will work out just as well as a War on the numbers in a computer that you think spreads this “misinformation” (Algorhythms.)

    I’m sure also that the “War On ‘Misinformation’” will work out as well as your War on a certain human emotion (Hate,)

    Or the War on another human emotion and a tactic (Terror,)

    Or the War on the human desire to chemically modify consciousness (Drugs,)

    Or the War on differences between economic results by people doing what they do to get what they got (Poverty.)

    Don’t you see a pattern of doing the same thing and expecting different results here? Don’t you know what Einstein called that?

    I aint gonna forsake a response to that.

    Yes, in a playful way i was likening the mindset of an ideologue to a theist. As an approach they’re interchangeable. Being an ideologue, having a doctrinaire mindset is antithetical to reason. You have that mindset with respect to libertarianism. That being said when tackling topics that are not within the zone of brain freeze you are amendable to reason. So is a theist. Where topics overlap a curious mixture of reconciliation and trickery will result.

    I assume you can see it in the theist (forgot his name) who is hooked on prophecy. Apparently he is a very bright guy but he is utterly incapable of critical reasoning concerning prophecy because the truth of certain assumptions is unassailable. The most recent visit by the anti-atheist theist (John Phillip i think?) is another example. Although in his case he is so filled with hatred and perhaps the Dunning-Kruger effect is at play that his blindness has additional causation.

    If a person is incapable of reforming an opinion, of changing her mind then there is a good chance that person suffers from doctrinaire thinking. I know human emotions get in the way too. For instance Ivy was taken by the theist who expressed how arrogant and condescending atheists are. I think emotions sometimes cause apostasy and more often prevent apostasy.

    You are way off on understanding my thoughts and approach. Not sure if you are intentionally misconstruing or genuinely mistaken. I often criticize errors. And not just the captain obvious errors. On this site i have railed against the following errors: the validity of free marketplace of ideas and of the term, People of Color.

    I understand what you are getting at with your misinformation/war on list. But here is the thing; having a doctrinaire libertarian approach you fail to embrace or acknowledge nuance. I was aghast at the war on drugs. At the same time i am against the liberal position in USA in which we blanket all speech as free. The most vile and intentional hate speech ought to be curtailed by the government. ( I was made aware that is the liberal position in Europe by Davis) Each matter deserves separate consideration. However for the doctrinaire libertarian everything is a free for all let nature take its course. (so why are police justified?)

    Reality suggests that certain conditions foster the manifestations of hatred and other conditions retard hatred. Some dynamics lead me to conclusion government gtfo and others government get your hands dirty. And i may change positions if it becomes apparent that i was wrong on some issue. Can you say that?

    Libertarianism fails to take into account that capitalism is a social construct. What is there in nature that mimics or adumbrates capitalism. Is it a couple of primates in which one says i will scratch your nuts if you groom my back? Being a construct of modernity it ought to be examined and subject to checks and balances.

    Additional thoughts will wait. I have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep.

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