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Sunday School July 23rd 2023.

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    Belief in imaginary entities continues to decline.

    The Republican who sees ‘Christian nationalism’ seeping into public schools as another court jester announces that he will introduce a bill to allow students to pray in public schools. The MAGA movement is now all about Christian Nationalism.

    Mississippi starts allowing religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations. This will kill children.

    Prison officials in WV can’t force an atheist inmate to profess Christianity.

    Secular Coalition for America confronts Trump’s attacks against atheists.

    Supreme Court bringing American politics to a new low.

    Tommy Tuberville: Abortion-related tantrum is ‘not about abortion’.

    Moms for Liberty convince Florida schools to ban award-winning Young Adult Books.

    Homophobia and Religion.

    Does religion cause more problems than it solves?

    World of Woo: I suppose the anti-sunscreeners will hold their rallies at high noon?

    Environment: The summers are getting hotter but what about the winter?

    The invisible consequences of heat on the body and mind.

    Why people tend to believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial.

    Is AI taking over?

    It seems that we have human ancestors that are one million years older than previously thought.

    Science ‘supersedes’ creationism, Einstein tells religious students in newly revealed letter.

    Are astronaut footprints disappearing from the Moon?

    I want this new brain-computer interface device.

    Long Reads: It took a tremendous effort to distinguish early Christianity from the finely tuned world of pagan beliefs and rituals.  New discoveries about Light.  Is Pilbara the oldest place on Earth?  Is atheism destroying the moral fabric of society?  My lament for war-torn Khartoum.

    Sunday Book Club:  Beyond Doubt: The Secularization of Society.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Could the Universe be twice as old as we think it is? The growing megafire crisis and how to contain it. Is the idea that democracy always benefits society misguided, or just mathematics? Oppenheimer’s secret city, explained.


    Have a great week!



    Thanks Reg!




    Greetings and thanks for another Sunday School. It will provide me with much reading should my present hospital stay last longer.

    Just thought you should know: The Login at the top of each page doesn’t work for me, though the bottom login does. Something you may want to look at which may need repair. Thanks.



    Hi Enco, that’s weird. The top one always works for me.

    Sorry to hear you’re stuck in hospital. Hopefully nothing too serious 🤞

    Last time I had a technical problem, Reg had me refresh my system and fixed it, so I’m sure he’ll have a tip for you too 🙂



    Does religion cause more problems than it solves?

    The article says there is is no significant shift in the survey results between 2008 and 2019, but I think the shift toward the middle is somewhat interesting. A 6% increase in people who mostly disagree religion causes more problems than it solves over those who completely disagree, perhaps, shows a higher number of people who can recognize their religions—at least the human/ organizational aspects—are fallible and capable of harm.

    Overall, there is a ten percent shift toward the middle. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.




    Normally, the top Login is my go-to, but it hasn’t worked lately, but the bottom Login for each thread works perfect. I trust Reg knows his stuff on the workings of the Forum.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. Rhabdomyolysis is as hard to have as it is to learn to pronounce. Fortunately, no kideney damage and I’m now able to walk and bend without discomfort. With enough IV fluids in me, my numbers will be down and I hope I can leave.

    The hospital stay is good for the circumstances. The food is excellent, Physicians and staff are helpful, and the room is climate-controlled with not an overheated moment, much needed in the Summertime. Would that all hospital stays could be this good.

    Still, I want to be fully able-bodied and never this bad off again.

    I’ve asked the Doctor for some forums and support groups to learn more on staying fit and healthy. Maybe a Biohacker group if it’s evidence-based and on the level.

    As the Skeptical Dr. Dean Edell always concluded his radio program: “Be Well!”


    Glad to hear that you have no kidney damage so I suspect you will make a full recovery. Walking and light weight training (no more than 4Kg to start). Of course your doctor’s advice trumps mine 🙂

    Are you using an older ipad by any chance? Mine forgets me when I go to another site and return. Bought in 2015, black Friday in Florida. Never gave me any other problems.  But I use a Windows laptop mostly for this site.




    Thanks for the kind words on my health and I will ask the good Doctor on the subject of exercise.

    I am presently just using an old Android device and use a newer one at home.



    That there’s no other life in the universe (especially if life can be based on something other than carbon) is extremely extremely extremely unlikely.

    That none of it became intelligent is far far far less unlikely.

    Just a thought based on the same abysmal lack of data we all work with.

    And if any intelligent life exists, but is so far away or so different in their technology that we’ll never know is laughably quite possible.

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