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Sunday School 23rd May 2021

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    GDPR “the right to be forgotten” is also two other words I’d rather not use because they are one of the pass codes for living rent-free in Jake’s head, which has never been my intention.

    Too cryptic-say what ya mean.



    Euro-progressives? What the fuck? Eco…you don’t seem to really understand what progressivism is. The right to be forgotten law is not controversial in Europe. It was signed by 27 countries including those with very right wing governments. It is an incredibly logical and sensible law and people’s data should be protected from possible unscrupulous and manipulative use. I get emails from firms I applied to jobs with asking to give permission to hold onto my private data. I can choose to let them hold onto highly detailed profiles of my job history or not.

    The business of government is, in theory, realising the interests of the people who put them in office.

    This isn’t a “progressive” or “highly liberal issue”. You are the fringe eco. Your extreme libertarian bare-bones-government fuck-those-with-problems let-companies-rampage-against-citizen’s-interests mentality is the view that should be seen as cuckoo and scary. Letting companies do whatever the shit they want with your data is toxic. It’s like letting companies dump whatever they want into rivers. It is governments business to regulate companies when they do toxic things that can pointlessly damage people just to make a tiny bit extra. Why the shit wouldn’t the government do that? So you have to resubmit a CV after an extended absence (or click a box when they ask if they can keep holding onto your data). That is a tiny inconvenience in comparison with company’s manipulating the information they have about you when you don’t want them to. You have a gift for pointing that a possible pebble in someones shoe is a good reason not to ensure the boulder hanging over their head isn’t secured properly.

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    For me Enco represents the intransigence and failure to learn anything other than facts (sometimes) which in turn signifies the futility of humanity in its quest to advance.

    oh well, back to the races and Belmont Stakes is up next…


    It is not the business of a government of a free society to tell individuals or private businesses what they can peacefully and honestly do with data peacefully and honestly obtained.

    Who is more likely to enhance the freedom of society? The Government or private business? Who is most likely to act responsibly to keep that free society free?  If a business retains hundreds of resumes, is it OK for the workers in the mail-room to read them and glean information from them about you five years after you have been interviewed and not secured the position? If it is not OK for mail-room staff to read your resume and the person who interviewed you has retired then who in that private company should be able to read about your previous career and educational history?

    A local hospital holds your medical records. Is it OK for the night porter to wander into medical records at his leisure and access them? Would you trust the hospital management to have structures in place to protect them or would it be better for every citizen if the Government “interfered” with the “freedom” of the night porters or mail-room staff everywhere and to require mandated data security policies to be put in place as a standard across all hospitals, be they privately run or operated by a Government.

    Do you think they should make it illegal for me to write such long sentences!!

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