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Sunday School 4th April 2021

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    The majority of British people are not religious but why do these articles always talk about quests for spirituality without defining what that is? Could it be that the concept of having a soul still lingers on?  The good news is that many unbelievers do not consider themselves atheists because they have never entertained the concept of imaginary gods being real in the first place. The “contrast” is not there for them. However Islam continues to rear its ugliest side in the ongoing cartoon fiasco at a school.

    The religious landscape in America is also changing dramatically but will churches adapt to the changing culture or will they continue to decline?

    In Texas some Christians want the privilege of boasting in public about how religious they are but don’t want to allow others to do the same.  The half-baked Alaska Capitol rioter wants special treatment too because of his “Christian upbringing”.

    The Cuddly One believes the devil is real. More importantly though, the devil has the best footwear and Teflon skin?

    Will Australia pass laws to allow religious discrimination against some citizens?

    Renouncing Islam in Malaysia is dangerous as the religion of peace might kill those that do.

    Can you find any flaws or fallacies in this article?

    World of Woo: Clean eating misinformation.

    Environment: NFTs: why digital art has such a massive carbon footprint.

    Research from South Africa is redefining our timeline of human evolution. Could a dinosaur-killing asteroid strike have given rise to the Amazon rain forest? Could it be that the rise of forests kick started much of the land-dwelling species because of the flow of suffocating ocean algae blooms? Maybe that depends on whether we are more closely related to sea stars than to insects?

    This is how we will know when an AI is conscious.

    Scientists build an artificial cell that grows and divides like a natural one.

    Long Reads:  Islamic homophobia is empowered by leftist silence. Why animals don’t get lost. Can you be a better philosopher when sitting in a comfortable armchair? Life in a one-horse town during lock-down.

    This week I will read this book: Just Deserts – Debating Free Will.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Richard Dawkins, a life in Science. A video covering a recent book I mentioned, Seven and a Half lessons about the Brain and an interesting Ted Talk on emotions by the same, Lisa Feldman Barrett. My brother’s keeper.


    Have a great week everybody!



    Thanks Reg. Happy rabbit egg day. So the Pope thinks “the devil” is “taking advantage” of the pandemic, LOL. Literally the mentality of a 5 year old and yet an inspirational leader to billions. Long way to go.



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    Here’s an Easter tradtion that everyone, regardless of belief or unbelief, can enjoy for hours!

    No Original Sin, no dead-carpenter-on-a-stick, no Zombie Jesus, no redemption with blood and giving your life away, just fun with microwaves and multi-colored molten sugar!  You don’t even have to eat them, just watch and enjoy!

    (Disclaimer to account for incomplete and continuing Evolution:  Times vary with microwave Wattage, start with a low time first and build up, wait for the Peeps to cool before handling, have a clean-up towel handy, and don’t burn yourself, each other, your microwave, or your house down while doing this!  If you hear the microwave arc-ing and sparking from moisture, stop immediately and get a new microwave!)




    Thanks, Reg!!


    If you can I would recommend the video in the “book” link. It is 2 hours but take a few breaks as there is a lot to ponder. Dennett’s ideas on being a responsible agent gives us a degree of free will to obey the laws that keep us responsible. This is actually an idea that Jordan Peterson discusses in his new book – 12 more rules (or some name like that) but I won’t be buying his book.


    Simon Paynton

    Michael Tomasello says that we follow rules and ideals because we approve of them – we feel they are legitimate, so why would we not try and follow them?

    I think it’s all about the collective self-regulation of the group, whereby we carry out our responsibilities for the good of others and ourselves.  At the same time, othes hold us to account.




    Regarding the story from Texas: Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs) are a world far beyond my pay scale of comprehension.

    I suppose, like BDSM clubs, consenting adults have a right to join them.  But the question is…why?

    We already have control freak zoning boards and land use commissions dictating what private property owners can peacefully do with their own property, and these Mrs. Grundy/Gladys Kravitz/Karen “Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time” control freaks with clip boards want to slap another layer of control on top of that???

    It’s so laughably absurd, GEICO made a commercial about it, only the villian was HOA Cynthia, with her nameless, hen-pecked, tag-along, (no-doubt) cuckold hubby:

    If HOAs were like a subscription service that offered lawn care, pool maintenance, trash removal, and pre-screened lists of contractors, that would be a helpful service for homeowners, not micromanaging hedges and hanging baskets!

    As long as property owners are not trespassing, polluting, creating nuisances with smells or night-time noises, or blocking others from going to and fro, let property owners do as they please with their dwellings.

    I would never willfully join a HOA, I would never move to a development that required an HOA, and if I moved from my apartment and got a house, I would ideally choose a rural place far from zoning.

    As for religious fanatics decorating their dwellings with symbols and shrines, let them do so and I’ll know which doors not to brighten.  And like Equality House does with Westboro Baptist, one can always make counter-decorations and have counter-events in kind:

    “Life’s Rich Tapestry”–Modern English

    Ah, yes, it gives and it takes, and as Shaw observed, that is why so many fear it.

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    Simon Paynton

    others hold us to account.

    Collaborative partners hold each other to account because they are each taking a risk by depending on the others.  We take this claim on us to be legitimate.  But I can’t quite figure out why each partner would see the claims of the other partners upon them to perform well, as legitimate.

    Maybe it’s because the goals of the collaboration are seen as legitimate, and there is instrumental pressure to achieve those goals.

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