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Sunday School April 8th 2018

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    They may believe so but only because they are suffering from a mass delusion.


    Simon Paynton

    I don’t see the appeal, or the logic, apart from “being like Christ”.  Maybe some people just want to be a “martyr” in life.


    There is no logic to it. It is all emotionally derived from the power of the delusion. Muslim and Hindus have similar “blood rituals” where they whip themselves to the point of hospitalization. They are seen as role models and holy men by their peers but to me they are all just deranged. Here are some (graphic!) images of Muslims praising another god that does not exist.


    Simon Paynton

    There’s a distressing current in “The Lives of the Sufi Saints” (going back around 1000 years) where The Self is completely unimportant, and not giving regards to the Self is seen as a virtue.  However, this doesn’t logically stack up, unless alms-giving is also seen as a virtue.  Maybe that’s just for saints.


    It is the “unworthiness of the self” (my words) that is one of the worst aspects of any religion. Telling children they are born ill and then are commanded to become well by worshiping a non-existent god is child abuse. (Hitchens reference used). It is that aspect that makes it masochistic when continued into adulthood (and not a mature adulthood at that).


    Simon Paynton

    I think I get where it comes from: in ethics, we need to care about others as well as ourselves.  But some religious people think it means “instead of ourselves”.

    Then there is “original sin”.

    And “sex (outside marriage) is evil”, and “the flesh is worthless”.


    Daniel W.

    Since we just finished Easter season, I’m reminded of the annual Easter stories regarding Filipinos being nailed to the cross.  It comes up every year.   Link are old – I forgot to post them here.  Wikipedia.  It’s interesting, the official line of the Catholic Church is that they are against it, and the Dept of Health recommends tetanus shots and sterilized nails – things that Jesus likely also approved of back in the day.

    Personally, I’d rather eat pasta, maybe an Easter spaghetti pie?


    I have posted some of the deluded Filipinos over the years. I think it would be different if Jesus were around today.


    Easter Spaghetti Pie…Approved by the FSM.



    I don’t see the appeal, or the logic, apart from “being like Christ”. Maybe some people just want to be a “martyr” in life.

    Christ is not the most praiseworthy character in human generated fiction. Yes yes…he said some very progressive and kind natured things on the mount and he healed people with his magic and said kind things to people. That being said…he also openly supported or advocated pretty dark and ugly shit. As a mentor…he is not just flawed, but full of fairly unforgivable errors in which, anyone with any sense…would not hold up to the level of someone to emulate. After all, there is no end to kind people in history with nice messages…who did not approve of mass genocide, self mutilation, eternal suffering in god’s underground torture chamber, no violence and yet…actually…sometimes violence, submitting oneself to horrid torture and traumatizing friends and family to have to witness human vivisection and nails through one’s hands….for absolutely no sane reason. I could go on. I would not be friends with someone who acted like this character called Jesus. You can find thousands of people who do and say the nice things, without the reprehensible beliefs and destructive behaviour.



    @davis and more specifically masochistic – the practice of self flagellation.

    Indeed. And then of course…the most horrid masochistic move that some people under certain circumstances make: marrying someone you don’t like and having cold pleasureless duty bound sex…all very agonising and yet enjoyable…because God and Jesus and stuff.

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