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Sunday School August 9th 2015

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    Kudos to former NFL player Arian Foster for going public with his atheism. Hopefully it will encourage other to become openly secular too.

    Once again members of the religion of peace hack another blogger to death while Saudi Arabia calls for a worldwide ban on the criticism of religion.

    So let’s talk about Islam. It affects everyone so we should all be able to criticize it. However Islam is not the only religion we need to challenge.

    As this is school please spend some time dissecting the arguments in this article. You can be excused from class if atheism has broken your heart. Becoming an Atheist should feel like an escape from prison even if there is a period of grieving for the loss of community. Of course no one ever really wants to talk about death too much in these conversations. It is very often why many people cling to religion and prefer to ignore any doubts they have about their faith.

    Here is a Q&A with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    How we treat our children in the education system will reflect on democracy itself. We should teach them in such a way that will enable them to ask beautiful questions because they know all the answers are not found in just one book.

    According to Faux News President Obama is an atheist with Muslim sympathies. Faux News did however win the Republican debates.

    This week’s Woo: How to sway vaccine skeptics.

    Would the world be a better place if we did away with state sponsored killing when there is no evidence that it is a deterrent against crime?

    How much does the Universe change in a year?

    Ten things we did not know last week. Some pictures taken last week.

    Coffee Break Video: Is there a difference between a religion and a cult. A look at the greatest enigmas is Science.


    Have a great week everyone!!



    Yay Sunday School!!!


    Simon Paynton

    Thanks for an excellent Sunday School.



    I just contributed to Raif Badawi’s fund.
    They are doing a great job putting pressure on the Saudi government, and could be part of the reason they are calling for a worldwide ban on the criticism of religion. Screw that.

    I also joined the local Free Thought group who is bringing a lawsuit to our local county government for prolonged and exclusive Christian prayers at every county commission meeting. One lady who was defending the prayers said “this is not Iran, we can pray if we want”.



    This weeks Sunday School is available again in PDF form. Click on this link and download this weeks PDF file for viewing on tablets and Phones.



    I just contributed to Raif Badawi’s fund.

    That will help more than a thousand prayers. Action speaks louder than words. I have also donated to their cause. I have the words أنا رائف بدوي tattooed on my arm. It reads “I am Raif Badawi”.

    We may not all understand French or Arabic but we all understand the language of children. Not only do these cases give us the right to criticize religious extremism, they make it impossible not to. The bigots within the religion of peace compel us to.


    Thanks Davis.



    I just contributed to Raif Badawi’s fund.

    Thanks to Robert’s providing the link, I’m happy to say I just contributed too.

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