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Sunday School December 26th 2021

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    Correction: Autumn. Now I know I need a big smartpad for the New Year. 😁




    As an addendum to what you said above on religious freedom and Secularism, I meant to post this story earlier:

    Putin: Insulting Prohet Muhammad is Not Freedom of Expression

    Putin is obviously a “special Siberian snowflake” and a “Babushka Jigglypuff” who has a warped notion of both the right to freedom of expression and of the right to freedom of religion and conscience.

    Putin evidently thinks freedom of expression is only for agreement and nice things and freedom of religion and conscience is somehow threatened by questioning, criticism, and parody.

    Any slave had and has as much freedom of thought and expression as Putin supports.

    It is also noteworthy that the word for the religion Putin is White Knighting for–Islam–means “Submission” in Arabic.

    As Seneca would observe, Putin must regard this and any religion as “useful,” especially since the once-and-always KGB man professes Orthodox Christianity.

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    @theencogitationer – Yes, Putin has taken a few sheets out of Stalin’s “How to be a Dictator” handbook. Stalin noticed that the Czars acted as “gods” and were treat as such for centuries so the people were already accustomed to leader worship. He has already restored the role of the Orthodox church in Russia and promoted the other Pope with various publicity campaigns. But I think the main reason Putin is doing this is that he is advancing trade, military and economic ties with the Middle East. I am sure that the Sunni Muslims in Chechnya respect him for saying so.

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)

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