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Sunday School February 4th 2023

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    Faith Watch, February 2024.

    Extremist group, Moms for Liberty are busy looking into goblin butts and once the Christian Nationalist coup happens you could be jailed for watching goblin porn and every person will serve Jesus while Christian chaplains in schools will put God back in government. Nothing like a National gathering for prayer and repentance to keep them on track.

    What is Christian nationalism and why it raises concerns about threats to democracy?

    The rise of the ‘nones’ may have leveled off for now.

    World of Woo: Manifesting, which reminds me of that terrible book, The Secret.

    Environment: Why are people climate change deniers?

    CRISPR breakthrough guides immune system to find and destroy cancer cells.

    Finding life on Mars could be the worst news ever for humanity.

    The first Neuralink brain implant signals a new phase for human-computer interaction.

    Long Reads: The biggest lies the Catholic Church has ever told.  In the 21st century, famine isn’t inevitable. It’s a policy choice and a meal given to a hungry person is never wasted.  Fentanyl, the portrait of a mass murderer. New climate deniers are making millions on YouTube. But they’re lying and maybe the meat industry is lying too? The return of the progressive atrocity.

    Sunday Book Club:  The Revolt against Humanity: Imagining a Future without Us.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Family Guy – Brian on Bill Maher (See Woo article above). God is a Delusion – Oxford Union Speech – Alex O’Connor. Why I banned prayer in my school.


    Have a great week!



    Need to measure the level of “affiliation” somehow. I think perhaps that measure is still dropping even if people are not dropping their cults 100%. Polls are all about “wording” of the questions. You can sway the result as you like.



    Regarding the “Worst News Ever” article, I agree.

    Beyond that, I believe (it’s only a belief) that we are alone in terms of what we hear coming from out there today. But…and most people either don’t realize this or don’t think about it: the universe is still very young.

    Our own case shows that intelligent life can happen and there’s still plenty of time for such life to happen. It may have happened and the news simply hasn’t gotten here yet.

    By the time it gets here, the source may be outside the boundary defining the visible universe.

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