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Sunday School July 1st 2018

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    I dunno man, isn’t it people like Michael Moore who pissed off all those fly-over muricans to start with, which gottem to vote all apocalyptic-like on us?


    @daniel – I think America is great. I think it needs to be made better again. Stopping the trial runs for fascism would help 🙂

    This afternoon I will be preparing an I.T. project with an ex-Marine and guy from Atlanta. All I have to do is mention the “T” word and stand back and watch the show!!



    Stopping the trial runs for fascism would help

    Our fly-over populists would call that article hateful, or the author cynical at best. Most of that tribe remains stubbornly ignorant of the Bannon/Trump “plan”. (Damn, I sound paranoid and believing in evil conspiracies.) I think the Bannon-Trump estrangement is just an act, or at least will eventually play out as temporary, as their desires to exploit and foment/nurture world unrest are “test-marketed”, honed, and then sold.

    My current heroes are in France, Canada, Ireland, and other countries that I/we should pay more attention to, who are working to push back against the real horsemen of our potential apocalypse.

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    (Sorry, I temporarily forgot to mention those other heroes in our big picture who are fighting their own, local religious oppressors. It’s all part of the same insane war, isn’t it?)


    Most people I know are upset (I think that is the word I want to use) with the direction Trump is taking America in. America has a leadership presence that is respected internationally. Trump is not a leader and seems to admire despotic rulers more than old democratic alliances. In doing so he has weakened America’s hand on the world stage. This is allowing Russia and China to fill the void he has created. Internally the Evangelicals are getting to implement Project Blitz and Trump is happy to accommodate them to keep his supporters happy. OK….Reg stop now!

    Dammit, I wish I could go drinking with Hunter S. Thompson in his bunker and skip straight to the loathing part.

    “The main problem in any democracy is that crowd-pleasers are generally brainless swine who can go out on a stage & whup their supporters into an orgiastic frenzy – then go back to the office & sell every one of the poor bastards down the tube for a nickel apiece. Probably the rarest form of life in American politics is the man who can turn on a crowd & still keep his head straight – assuming it was straight in the first place.” – Hunter S. Thompson

    “We are living in dangerously weird times now. Smart people just shrug and admit they’re dazed and confused. The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb. It is the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it. Doom is the operative ethic.” – Hunter S. Thompson.


    Daniel W.

    I always preface this with “back when the mastodons were filling the prairie skies with the bellowing of their melancholy songs” – but a long time ago, I enlisted in the Army, in part because I believed that each citizen had a right and responsibility to keep Americans safe from foreign threats, and to keep others safe, who were too small or vulnerable to protect themselves.  Now, I feel like the threat is the “ordinary people” from “America’s heartland”  – where I was born, and grew up, and was acculturated, and where I learned the ideas of social responsibility and citizenship.  I have to remind myself, they were not innocent then and there – this was the wellspring of McCarthyism, the John Birch Society was dominant in my church and community, and the KKK was around the corner too.  Ultimately, left that region for good reason.  I felt like I could have stayed and tried to change a few minds – but being an outsider and a reviled “other’ takes a toll and limits opportunities, as well as being a threat to safety and well being.  It’s just too bad, and a major disappointment, and sometimes scary, that the USA has so fully embraced this old way of thinking, again.


    One evening, just before my 20th birthday, I said to myself, “Fuck it man, I am out of here”. I could not bear hearing any more small minded Catholic derived BS. The influence of that Church was embedded into every aspect and facet of Irish life and culture. The next evening I was living in a squat in London with people from 7 different countries and having a party (I am being discreet) that lasted for a few years. I moved back to Ireland with my then girlfriend and found that it had changed for the better. In the mid 90’s and for the following decade abuse revelations about the Catholic Church were breaking almost weekly. This removed the stranglehold it held over people and its political power (interference) waned. I have been active in atheist circles for over 10 years now and I am certain that the Catholic Church is as good as finished in Ireland. It still splutters to life to make some nonsense statement every so often but this only helps to further alienate people from it.

    What remains are the extremist Catholics, the uttered deluded, bigoted and homophobic ones. I met one yesterday, about 15 years younger than me, who began “explaining” to me (without knowing I am an atheist) where it all “went wrong”. Thankfully Ireland was still a very Catholic country because the census said 78% are Catholic and they are the “real Irish”. I asked him what he thought of the Gay Pride festival over the last few days. Once he mentioned the phrase “lifestyle choice” I interrupted to ask him what he thought of this fact:

    Ireland just hosted its Pride 2018 festival. While our gay Prime Minister of mixed race and his boyfriend could not attend this year, he was represented by our lesbian Minister for Children and Youth Affairs who was born in America (Seattle) with the very “real Irish” surname, Zappone. Our Defense Forces were “out” too, with their LGBTQ members in full uniform. As were our police service. In fact Government buildings were lit up in rainbow colors for the duration.Companies like Dell and Amazon sponsored many of the colorful parade floats.

    Our former (second female) President was marching too with her son and his husband. At this point I noticed that he was turning 40 shades of “real Irish” green. So I kept going. Over 60,000 people took part this year, double that of last year. I suspect in a year or two it might even be bigger than the St. Patrick’s Day parade and everything will be multicolored rather than just damn green! Even Keifer Sutherland joined in on the final day of his music tour. Our former president went on to say;

    “It’s a wonderful occasion”. “I’m so proud of Ireland – we’re marching with BeLonG To, and this is the best Ireland I’ve ever belonged to”.

    “It’s a wonderful expression of what’s in people’s hearts in Ireland this day. It’s fabulous”.

    He looked positively angry with me so I said, “I agree with her completely. After just over 33 years, longer than Jesus even lived for, I am very happy to be living here. I am happy to belong here. Good day and you be sure to Stay Fabulous”.

    Some pictures of non- green Catholics. The revolution will be live.



    OK folks, Project Blitz is about to be launched by those wanting to abuse the civil rights of others and to be able to legally discriminate against other citizens. They are likely to get away with much of it. Once again, Religious Freedom should not imply Religious Privilege. I can smell the fake Christian piety from here.



    Yes, post “In God We Trust” at every public school, by law, because we Christians need to respond in kind to Sharia Law. After all, we’re making America great again, with 100% Religious Freedom. By law!


    I am still waiting to find a Christian that doesn’t trust their god. I would have taken that part as a given. It is like when they say they wear a crucifix around their neck to remind them that Jesus died for their sins. I mean why do they need to be reminded of it. Did a Christian ever say “Oh, I keep forgetting that Jesus died and rose from the dead. I better get a reminder of that part and hang it around my neck so I don’t forget it again”…..


    Daniel W.

    I suppose Christians have to trust their god.  Otherwise he will treat them like he did Job, killing their children and goats, and covering them with boils.  Trust god or else!


    That’s funny about wearing the crucifix.  I’m glad the Romans didn’t execute by lethal injection.  Otherwise people would be wearing hypodermic needles.

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    @regthefronkeyfarmer how hard is it to live as an illegal immigrant in Ireland? I’ll be on my way…


    It is not easy to access government resources – health, social welfare etc if you are not an EU citizen or an asylum seeker. As an American you do not need a visa to visit but you need your passport endorsed if you want to stay long term or to work. What many Irish people do is get work with an American company or other multinational and apply to transfer to work in the States. Air B&B, Google, Microsoft to name a few. It is no big deal for us to migrate. We have a long history of it and moving to Canada, Australia or the US is seen as a very “normal” thing to do. My brother is a US citizen.

    What you could do is the reverse. Get a job with an American company and apply to work in Ireland.  See this article.  The only ICE we have here is to keep the drinks cool as we have an “Irish” heatwave…it is almost 9:30 pm and 70F…..



    I think I’ve decided I’m moving to Vilcabamba Ecuador instead 🙂

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