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Sunday School July 9th 2017

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    The US Supreme Court makes four big announcements on religion.

    This is a very good article about being an atheist in gods own country of Saudi Arabia. What have we misunderstood about Islam?

    Pope Cuddles discovers that some of his staff in Rome have been putting various Latin terms into practise.

    The Vatican has its own hospital because praying does not work. However, don’t send anyone to ”The Baby Jesus” for health care as it is corrupt, filthy and overly concerned with profits.

    The rise in demand for exorcisms amongst the religious would leave your head spinning.

    Canada, please keep on not minding your own business.

    Is not having a Science and Technology policy division a threat to national security?

    The handmaids are warning us not to sleepwalk into Gilead.

    The Tremendous One speaks to the Western part of Warsaw.

    Cults and Terrorism: Can we establish parallels between noxious belief systems? Is it because people are intensely loyal to groups which abuse newcomers?

    This weeks’ Woo: The dirty truth about clean eating.

    Climate Change: One scientist is trying to part the dark clouds of trickle-down ignorance as new research dashes hopes of mild climate changes.

    Your mama did it with a Neanderthal but that could have happened a 100,000 years earlier than we thought possible.

    Do you think when robots learn to imitate human morality via algorithms that this will help to make them sentient?

    A possible explanation for the spooky action of quantum entanglement.

    How far does light travel in a year?

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

    Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

    Coffee Break Video:  Manipulation by Bending Truth. The effects of Gravity on our lives.




    Have a great week everyone!!

    When arguments and evidence keep changing but the answer is invariant, that’s a really strong indicator of motivated belief, where the evidence follows from the answer rather than the answer coming from the evidence.

    – Valeria Tarico



    Thanks, Reg!



    Re:Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal’s apartment

    How anyone can tithe in support these hypocrites is beyond me. At least in this case no children were abused.

    If they simply disrobe, they can have all the drug-fuelled gay orgy they care too !


    This is what Catholics in Germany were paying for. They are forced to pay an annual Church tax called “Kirchensteuer” unless they officially declare that they are leaving their faith. It brings in about $5 billion (I don’t have figures to hand) of which a sizeable percentage is sent to the Vatican to keep the orgies going. Friday night is defrocking night!!! (say with German accent).


    Gary Bergeron

    Thanks, Reg! Happy Sunday! 🙂




    Thank you Reg!!!!!!!


    Simon Paynton

    It is interesting to consider whether machines could be programmed for moral behaviour.  Apparently, yes, in very specialised and limited circumstances.  I think the real limits on this are the limits on machine cognition: the skills that humans use in relating to and cooperating with each other are very complex: cognitively, psychologically and emotionally.  There are various factors involved in a “whole” morality that machines would find it very hard to replicate: for example, empathy (understanding another person and their needs), or reputation (weighing up the previous history of someone’s behaviour).  So it would always need humans just to guide it, but potentially, if machines were sophisticated enough, they could do it too.  So this would automatically mean they were increasing in sentience, and their learning would be a form of increased sentience.  Even emotions could be simulated, if emotions are seen as whether someone is approaching or retreating from their goals.  This would have to wait for quantum computing to have any chance of coming about.


    Daniel W.

    I appreciated the term, “islamophobiaphobia” in the link about musunderstanding Islam and Muslims.


    Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland (I am a member) has a very good article here on “Islamophobia”. You have rights, your beliefs do not.

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