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Sunday School June 30th 2019

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    Ken Ham doesn’t like libraries because they are dangerous places for children. Anyway we only need one book!

    Is the Arab world weaning itself of religion?

    Apparently Brazil belongs to Jesus.

    A former Jehovah Witness on being cured of her faith delusion.

    8 ways conservative right-wingers help to cure others of their god delusions.

    This weeks’ Woo: Smartphones and kids sprouting horns is a thing this week.

    Climate Crisis: Studies showing that the dangers of climate change are being hidden.

    There is increasing support for religiously based service refusals.

    Stonewall riots: global legacy shows there’s no simple story of progress for gay rights.

    Media literacy is an important component to teaching science and critical thinking. Debunking the content or techniques of Denialism mitigates their impact.

    On coping with the intrusions on parenting by proselytizing Christians in the Bible Belt.

    There are some good points made in this article about the Establishment Clause.

    We should reach our conclusions only at the end of the investigation.

    Evolution is much more complex than we previously understood it to be. Ancient humans live on in our DNA and even Neanderthal groups were more closely related than we thought. As we get better at sequencing proteins we will learn more about our ancestors.

    Truth and Beauty are not all we on Earth need to know. Alan Turing on the link between nature and mathematics.

    The UN revises down its population forecasts. (see Hans Rosling video below).

    Long Read: Death in Ice Valley: New clues in Isdal Woman mystery

    This week I am reading this book: We Have Been Harmonised: Life in China’s Surveillance State.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: What was there “before” the Big Bang? Hans Rosling on population growth, box by box. OK, I am going for a late Sunday breakfast.


    Have a great week everyone!!
    “The problem with religion, because it’s been sheltered from criticism, is that it allows people to believe en masse what only idiots or lunatics could believe in isolation.”
    ― Sam Harris



    Thanks, Reg!

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