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Sunday School March18th 2018

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    Religious fundamentalism can give you brain lesions. That is why it’s time for banjo lessons in another dimension.

    How Trump is remaking Evangelicalism. Many Evangelical women are all embarrassed by Trump and praying for an alternative in 2020 so good luck to Deborah Gibson. Hopefully banning child marriage will be on the agenda too.

    The fool says in his heart that atheists are mutants but we will only feel embarrassed for theists on our way to hell.

    Atheist experience in Africa.

    This weeks’ Woo: The Royal London Hospital will no longer give sugar pills to patients while India has finally started to arrest “fake doctors”.

    Climate Change: As FEMA drops “Climate Change” from its Strategic Plan it appears there is nobody left in the White House to question such a risk to national security. Scott Pruitt is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time so watch this space.

    About one third of the organic material on Mars arrived by asteroid and comet strikes. Earthlings, as many of them still believe, were created separately by a god.

    I am an evolving ape infested with memes.

    The shape of early life on Earth.

    A question of ethics.

    We pause to remember…The man who loved the infinite curvature of his models during his brief time in our history.

    If Einstein had missed his own simple mistake would we have heard of M-Theory?

    Some photographs taken last week.

    This week I am reading this book.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  The Power of Belief with Michael Shermer. What we can do about the culture of hate.


    Have a great week everyone!!


    David Boots

    Love your work!



    Thanks, Reg!



    They found veterans with these lesions reported higher levels of religious fundamentalism compared to those without the lesions.

    Curious how knowing and applying the fundamentals is key for success in everything except religion…where fundamentalism absolutely makes you a burden on free society.


    Simon Paynton

    “Such beliefs systems are dependent upon other aspects of our cognitive and social processes and those interactions would be important to understand. For example, how does openness in your personality affect how your form and act upon your beliefs? What about genetic predisposition and its effect upon belief systems?”

    I always disagree with people who say that religious fundamentalism is a bad thing, since the only way to have better anything, as @robert points out, is to go back to fundamentals.  It’s just that maybe the word has had its meaning changed to “ultra-conservative”, which isn’t the same thing at all.

    It’s very interesting how religion interacts with the brain and personality.  Frankly, there are such things in the world as good versus evil, our reputation or standing in the world, and how we get along with others.  These are fundamentals of religion.  These are much more interesting than some screwed-up “fundamentalism” which seems to have wandered a long long way from what’s natural and real.



    No @simonpaynton they are not fundamentals of religion, they are fundamentals of humanity. Religion reflects humanity, but only the religious try to claim origins of morality.



    That’s right, Strega. The priest attributes the all the good human traits to a man in the sky and all the poor traits to some poor goat, all the while they are controlling us, picking our pockets. You got it backwards Simon. Even apes and elephants understand  and exhibit compassion and they do it all without Jesus.


    Simon Paynton

    But what was it that Jesus did?  I agree that what he did was to identify something that has always existed since the dawn of life – the healing energy of nature, that set of all-consuming biological processes that makes us try to be alright all the time.  There has to be a reason why people are all hot-potatotes for him 2000 years later, equally with Buddha, the Prophet Mohammed etc.  They didn’t start something with nothing.  These things are not only cultural – they are spiritual as well, in the sense of knowing what Jesus knew.  He talked all around it, but didn’t have the evolutionary knowledge we have today.


    There has to be a reason why people are all hot-potatoes for him 2000 years later, equally with Buddha, the Prophet Mohammad etc.

    Yes, it is current systematic indoctrination of children and the violent subjugation of societies in the past in order to spread the “good news”.


    Simon Paynton

    good news

    – good news is adopted willingly, and when it’s forced, indoctrinated, or violent, it doesn’t sound like good news any more.  In fact, it looks like bad news.


    Then most of it must be “bad news”. The indoctrination of children is often started when they attend “Good News” clubs after school. Still we atheists can at least offer them some Better News.

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