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Sunday School November 19th 2023

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    Americans’ trust in science is declining according to a Pew survey but you can show your appreciation.

    Anti-Blasphemy Laws are great for tyrants, but terrible for dissidents.

    Exposing the Shadow Network that is actively eroding the separation of Church and State but by maintaining it, democracy is preserved as most people don’t want to live in a theocracy.

    Texas Values wants to know if you come from a monkey. Watch the hideous video if you can.

    New Jersey agrees to a more inclusive oath due to FFRF lawsuit.

    WV prison finally releases atheist inmate denied parole for refusing to profess Christianity.

    An open letter from Richard Dawkins to Ayaan Hirsi-Ali.

    World of Woo:  Coffee enemas. Apparently, it’s a thing. Do you get a loyalty card? Do they write your name on your butt? We need answers!

    Environment: Sea level rise is more serious than thought.

    A recent study sheds light on the links between religion, atheism and morality.

    The battle over Church and State could take down the Charter School movement.

    I will not waste my coloring pencils on MTG’s new book.

    Various environmental phenomena can play tricks on our brain.

    People fact-check social media posts more thoughtfully when they’re paired with someone who doesn’t share their perspective.

    Earthrise: historian uncovers the true origins of the ‘image of the century’.

    Key questions (and answers) about the historic approval of a CRISPR-based medicine.

    Long Reads: Mike Johnson is so down with right-wing Christianity that his sons’ phone is probably getting hourly alerts.  Many voters say Congress is broken. Could proportional representation fix it?  Marxism – an idea that refuses to die. Why our universe can have cosmic purpose without God.  What the doomsayers get wrong about Deepfakes.

    Sunday Book Club:  Determined: A Science of Life without Free Will.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Audio Feature: The Puzzle of Free Will (See Book review above).

    Coffee Break video: Is Science coming to an end? What the longest-running study on Happiness reveals. Atheism requires justification too.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    A red-hot investment tip: No, not plastics or disposable handguns. Think construction renovation firms and the technology they use. This video tells more on why:


    Thank for the video Enco.  From an old Sunday School, here is an article on Religious decline being key to economic development in the 20th century.



    Thanks, Reg!



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    Americans United might want to diversify their portfolio of activism.

    As much as Christian Nationalists may want to limit access to contraception, the biggest barrier to contraception nowadays is the locked case in retail stores which is the result of District Attorneys and Judges nationwide who are lenient on looters and thugs.

    And the hour-long wait for the person with the key to the case comes from a shortage of people who want to work–even when starting wages have rocketed up–because Welfare Statism and several generations of shitty work ethics have cumulated in Gen Z not wanting to work at all.

    And nowadays, the ones who want a captive audience for their religious-created nonsense are the Pro-Hamas activists who block bridges and hold up traffic in San Francisco and Chicago:

    Enough of this, and somebody’s going to go Blues Brothers on somebody’s ass:



    As much as Christian Nationalists may want to limit access to contraception, the biggest barrier to contraception nowadays is the locked case in retail stores which is the result of District Attorneys and Judges nationwide who are lenient on looters and thugs.

    Conservatives and reactionaries all see being tough on crime as the deterrent we’re not doing hard enough, as if the states with the death penalty don’t have among the highest murder rates and people still drive 100+mph on the freeways.

    Tell me: If the threat of being executed by the state can’t prevent murder, what can? A heavy fine?

    In certain situations, people simply don’t think about consequences to them or to others.

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    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    It’s thankless Yeoman’s work, but if it pushes back the frontiers of ignorance by a small degree, it is worth it.

    A couple of days ago at work, I gave a couple of TikTok-y girlie co-workers a history and civics lesson while they were dancing around with a U.S. Flag.

    They asked me to cite the Pledge of Allegiance, so I did and added in the middle that “under God” was added in 1954.

    They asked me to bow to their flag and I said: “Being American means you don’t have to bow to anything or anyone.”

    If it wasn’t busy at work, I would have given the history of the Pledge as the creation of a Christian Socialist Francis Bellamy who wanted to indoctrinate kids in obedience to the Nation-State. Maybe another time…




    No one brought up capital punishment. Strawman aborted with herbicide before the grass could grow out of the ground.

    Michael Shellenberger has also condemned what his fellow “Progressive” officials have done to destroy U.S. cities as well.

    Some people need to know the consequences of their acts. It doesn’t have to be fatal, though if they wish they were dead for a moment, that’s icing on the cake.




    The use of Reason to understand the Natural Universe combined with applying that understanding to produce life-serving goods and services is the part of Secularization that creates prosperity.

    However, I also understand where tbe causal confusion comes from too. Greater prosperity also encourages and reinforces greater Secularization, creating a growing feedback loop.

    Here’s hoping we keep the game of Chair-Maker Musical Chairs going and keep the music playing!

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