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Sunday School September 20th 2020

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    The U.S. Constitution was not written just for theists as the threat of right-wing theocracy raises its ugly head once again. This may only get worse with the passing of the “Notorious R.B.G.”. The Democrats also need to engage with the growing numbers of non-religious voters.

    Evangelical support for Biden is increasing as it falls for Trump.

    Canada: The right to secular education trumps teachers’ right to religious freedom.

    A Catholic priest and child abuser is sentenced by the Vatican to live a life of prayer and penance.

    Pompeo plans to use the UN General Assembly to promote his anti-LGBTQ agenda.

    Pass this on as you won’t believe what I just heard the Cuddly One say!

    The world is becoming less corrupt and safer as religion declines.

    The conspiracy beliefs of QAnon are being challenged by Evangelicals who believe the devil is real.

    This weeks’ Woo: YouTube is plotting to use A.I. to silence conspiracy theories. At least that is what they want you to believe!

    Climate Crisis: Faith and politics mix to drive evangelical Christians’ climate change denial.

    The 2020 Ig Nobel Prize winners.

    Yes, humans are still evolving but will cancel culture soon become offended by Darwin?

    Young children use reason, not gut feelings, to decide moral issues.

    For the first time in 175 years, Scientific American endorses a presidential candidate. Click here to see if you guessed which one they went with.

    Newly discovered mass extinction event triggered the dawn of the dinosaurs.

    If the Big Bang wasn’t the Beginning, what was it?

    The Brief Window Hypothesis as a solution to Fermi’s Paradox.

    The weird space that lies outside our Solar System.

    The dark side of smart is that whenever we do good works, and cooperate, we draw from our manipulative past.

    Long Reads:  The last of the Society of Shakers. On the Use and Abuse of Critical Race Theory in American Christianity. A 40-year fight against Islamic fundamentalism. Asterisms: Hunt the night sky’s faux constellations.

    This week I am reading this book: The Weirdest people in the World, reviewed by Dan Dennett.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: How to win an argument. The Electoral College explained.


    Have a great week everyone!


    Simon Paynton

    will cancel culture soon become offended by Darwin?

    Cancel culture drives me nuts.  There are better ways to change people’s minds than banishing them from the human race.  Also, behaving like idiots undermines the activists’ own case for whatever they are promoting.

    There is an interesting review of Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay’s new book, “Cynical Theories”, by Tim Lindsay Smith in this week’s Daily Telegraph.  Unfortunately, it’s not available online, but he might write something else about it that is.

    I don’t know enough about the subject to say, but his position is that the book is a hysterical overreaction to postmodernism and its proposed attempt to destroy rationality and knowledge (what could be the motivation to do that anyway?  Boredom?).  Thinking about it this way, it’s true that Pluckrose and Lindsay’s case looks unconvincing.



    Thanks Reg!



    It’s time to ruin the lives and obliterate the accomplishments of cancel culturists.


    Simon Paynton

    Yes, slam their faces into a toilet bowl



    Up their nose with a rubber hose.

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