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Sunday School September 24th 2017

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    If you are reading this then the world did not end yesterday. Phew!

    Why do those in the majority religion feel the most persecuted? Soon white people will be in the minority of those waiting for Jesus to return. (What’s keeping him?) What would they make of the good news in Scotland where 75% have no religion.

    The Cuddly One admits it allowed the sexual abuse of children to continue for hundreds of years before being caught and we discovered just how vile they can be.

    When you feel like the only adult in the room – advice on coming out atheist.

    The government in Turkey has decided to remove Evolution from science class because it is too complicated for students. No, it is only too complicated for the unreasoned religious mind. At least that kind of thing would not happen in, say, New Mexico?

    A-ten-shun – an Air Force chaplain said what?

    Play the video at the end for another lark with the ark in the park.

    My name is Ensaf Haidar. I am the wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi.

    This weeks’ Woo: The global crackdown against vaccines refusal has begun.

    Climate Change: A look at the financial impact of Climate Change.

    This is what modern apologetics has become. It is a good lesson on how to spot fallacies in arguments. Why do they keep using modern science and statistics? Do they not get it that discovering scientific evidence for a god would render their faith as obsolete as the wisdom of the Greeks?

    The social purpose behind our illusory sense of agency.

    How ancient India changed the world with maths.

    What would a Hydrogen Bomb do to the Pacific Ocean?

    One hundred science questions answered by experts.

    A new study on the history of Neanderthals.

    How big is that telescope? It’s extremely large.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    Lazy Sunday Long Read: The roots of Islam’s civil war.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  AronRa on what the Bible does and doesn’t say. A black man goes undercover in the alt-right.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    Atheism is myth-understood.



    Thanks, Reg!



    Say Whaaaatttt??? In New Mexico??! Damn….that makes me soooooo sad. I was seriously thinking about moving back


    Last year I spoke with AronRa about the “creep” of Evolution from Texas to other States. He is the Texas director of American Atheists and has been fighting against Creationist liars for years. They are liars because they KNOW that Creation “science” is nonsense. However they and the book printers are making so much money from it that they are unwilling to stop. They are that immoral about it.



    Wow really? That is SO fucked up!!



    @Belle … Yep.  Anti-intellectualism is “breaking bad” in your home area.  Our children in California are a little safer (but only for a while) because this state controls/creates its own textbooks.  The rest of the country pretty much gets its books from the only other supplier, Texas (obviously tainted by fundamentalist doctrines).  Unfortunately school vouchers will probably eventually cash starve public schools and they’ll go under.  Then we’ll lose control of what our children read in the private school texts.  When our area doesn’t do science anymore, we will be both commercially and intellectually dead in the water.  You can thank religion for that.





    @private –  your point about Texas being the main supplier is correct. It was after this talk that we discussed the damage that religious zealots are doing to school children. If I recall your point is raised in the video.

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